Reliable web hosting in Kenya.

Reliable web hosting in Kenya.

Reliable = the following qualities in a Web Hosting Company

Excellent Server Uptime.

Truehost Datacenter

Truehost Datacenter

Every website deserves 100% uptime from the web hosting services provider. The minimum that a website owner should put up with is 99.5%.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and most important Google ranking are affected by website uptime. Sites that are rarely online receive a bad score from Google and other search engines and therefore poor SEO ratings.

Excellent Customer Support

Truehost Support

Occasionally support is needed even by the most seasoned developers and service users require support services may be to

  • Change upload limit from a default 128MB to 1000MB
  • Enable MBSTRING module on the PHP
  • Temporary allow SSH access to your shared account among others.

Server and Hosting Security

Web security is one of the most important quality of a a reliable web hosting company not only in Kenya but in any country or market. Big names like Godaddy, Hostgator, and Bluehost are one of the most secure hosting companies.

At Truehost Kenya, Truehost Nigeria, Cloudpap and Truehost Cloud we are always innovating to be a step ahead in terms of security. We had issues in the past but we have overcome.

Transparency in Service Pricing

Your host should be in position to guarantee prices and cost of service ownership at least for two year period.

Any host hiking prices anyhow without warning should be shunned not unless they are extremely good.

Always consider domain and hosting renewal price as you order a service. May it web hosting service or a VPS or a dedicated server since web hosting companies and Server and Cloud hosting companies are notorious at offering starting discounts. – don’t be easily fooled.

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