Reliable webhosting Services.

Reliable webhosting Services.

Every business in Kenya requires a Reliable web hosting service provider. Reliable web host is what defines Truehost Cloud from other players in web and email hosting market. Reliable email and web hosting requires quality and fast servers that have 100% uptime. Truehost Cloud has linux and windows servers for the web and email hosting services. Each server must have a minimum of 99.999% uptime, if any server does not meet this requirement due to connectivity or application or data centers’ issue the server is replaced immediately.

The best linux web hosting is possibly at Truehost Cloud. Truehost Cloud possibly has the best web hosting as well; web hosting host windows technology based websites. A typical ASP.NET account includes PHP scripts, ASP Scripts, MYSQL database, MSSQL database, .NET framework, Single Click installer for 400+ scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, WebERP, among others.

Truehost Cloud has recently introduced windows based hosting making one of the few players providing windows based hosting in Kenya. Applications and Website owners in Kenya do not need to host their .NET and ASP websites and MSSQL database applications with some foreign entities. Host at Truehost Cloud a company with reputation for quality and reliability.

Truehost Cloud windows based email and web hosting includes power MSSQL Database tools including SQL Server reporting applications. All these plus other PHP and ASP.NET based script runs on Windows Server 2012.

A company with office and data center presence in Kenya, Bangalore, India France, Canada, US, Nigeria among other places.

Coming up web hosting services include python and Django Hosting, Truehost Cloud plans to be most reliable cloud partner for developers in Kenya, Nigeria and India.

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