Website resources

Truehost Cloud provides various resources for its clients. Developers, Resellers and Affiliate Partners all get reources to help them achiewe their goals.

Web design resources: We provide over 400 Content Management Systems via our auto installer, Softacolous App Installer to allow developers build sites for free for their clients.

We also provide the Beautiful Site Builder that allows users to design sites using a drag-and-drop functionality. The website builder makes all people developers. It also provides a feature whereby you can simply clone a website change the writings and media in the webpages.

Domain resources: We also provide domain resources such that for domain resellers and hosting resellers too.

SSL certificate resources: We provide resources that allow people to understand more about SSL certificates. The resources provided also allow clients to easily acquire and install SSL certificates to secure their domains.

Truehost Cloud provide a lot of support resources to clients, resellers, Affiliate Partners.

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