Special VPS for Websites Hosting in Kenya

Special VPS for Websites Hosting in Kenya

webservers in kenya

Web servers in Kenya

We feature a special VPS for a upcoming Web hosting company.

Openstack powered 4 core processor, 8 GB RAM and 100GB SSD storage is superior cloud server available from Germany, France and Canada Locations. The server can comfortably support 200 simple database driven websites. – Cloudpap 5

How to set up the cloud server to be a web hosting server.

Install Centos 7 OS

Install WHM/Cpanel

Install Softaculous

Configure the Mod security and tweak settings for maximum security.

Configure Easy Apache 4 for favorable configurations

Install and configure CSF Firewall – allow ports that your application will use but by default the firewall allows the common ports like SSH 22, 25 for SMTP, 53 for DNS, e.t.c

Set up custom nameservers and hostname if necessary.


Total monthly expenses $65.49

Install a billing system – can be freely provided at Truehost or Cloudpap or Hostgator




  • 4 Core Processor
  • 1 GHz Speed
  • 8 GB RAM RAM
  • 100GB SSD Disk
  • Local RAID 10
  • Openstack KVM
  • Unlimited – 100Mbps Bandwidth
  • 1 IP4 IP Address
  • Allow upto 15 extra IP Address
  • Anti-DDoS Pro Protection
  • RESTful API
  • 97% SLA




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