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What is an SSL Certificate and how do you get it.

A Secure Socket Layer usually abbreviated as SSL a digital certificate that encrypts data exchanged between a web browser and a web server. SSL Certificates normally allows private and sensitive data to be transmitted without interferences from third parties.

An SSL Certificate usually contains the following data: – Certificate holder’s name, serial number and expiration date of the certificate, certificate holder’s public key and a digital signature of the issuing authority.

Importance of SSL Certificate:

  • The main importance of SSL Certificate is that it encrypts data. When a user attempts to send sensitive or confidential information to a Web server, the user’s browser accesses the server’s digital certificate and establishes a secure connection.
  • It also helps to protect e-mail messages.
  • Proves a user’s identity to a remote computer.
  • It also ensures the identity of the remote computer.
  • It also improves customer trust if they are dealing with you.
  • Protects users from phishing attacks.

Getting an SSL Certificate.

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