SSL Certificate in Kenya

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SSL Certificate in Kenya

SSL – Secure Socket Layer certificate are available at a fee and free of charge

SSL was the first cryptographic protocol for providing secure communication over internet, SSL was later succeeded by TLS (Transport Layer Security). Therefore even though the technology is referred to as SSL – in actual sense it is TLS.

Roles of SSL


Ensures data in transit (between a server a browser) is encrypted


Ensures the server you are drawing information from is the correct server.

Data Integrity

Ensures the data submitted, data requested is actually what is delivered.


SSL usually act as security seal or assurance seal that guarantees the web visitor that in deed they are dealing with the real verified business entity

Where to Buy SSL

Truehost Cloud is a top SSL store in Africa. At Truehost you get best prices for SSL Certificates. Truehost is a top store for

  1. DigiCert SSL
  2. Symantec SSL
  3. Comodo SSL
  4. RapidSSL
  5. Globalsign SSL
  6. Let’s Encrypt SSL

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