1. Login to client area on truehost

-click on my services and select the ssl you want to install.

-Click generate certificate now button

-Fill details as below

-Select your webserver: CPANEL/WHM

  2. a) To get CSR, login to your cpanel for the domain you are securing with ssl
  3. b) Create an email address “admin@yourdomain” e.g
  4. c) under security select TLS/SSL

d)Under Certificate signing request (CSR) Click generate

e)fill in details on form that appears as below

-key-generate 2048key

-domains:domain name you are securing

-city:Your city name

-state/country:your country name

-company:your company name/domain name without its extension

-Company division:IT

-EMAIL:The admin email address you created in step 2b

-passphrase:domain name

-descritption:domain name

-Click generate button

3.Copy the CSR contant(details between the begin and end certificate request)





  1. go back to client area and paste the CSR on box provided

-Choose Signature Algorithm:SHA-2

-Then ‘click to continue’

-Select certificate approver email as the admin@domainname

-click to continue

5.Go to the email admin@yourdomain

-click the approver link sent from the ssl provider

-select i approve

-Now your ssl certificate will be sent to email address admin@yourdomainname

6.Download the SSL .Zip file sent to your email

-alternatively download certificate from client area the .zip file and copy the certificate with domainname.crt

8.Paste the certificate(domainname.crt) to your desktop

9.To Complete installation,login to cpanel again

-under security,select TLS/SSL

-under certificates,click generate certificates

-upload a new certificate

-browse the certificate on desktop


– Under install and manage ssl,Go to Manage ssl sites

-select the ssl you uploaded

-click Install button



create.htaccessfile on cpanel and paste.

RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

Your domain is secure. Login now with the new credentials.

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