How Change Collation Using PhpMyAdmin

There’s always been a confusion about Character Sets and Collation. A character set is a set of symbols and the encoding of those symbols whereas Collation defines the set of rules with which the characters in the character sets are compared Collation of a database can be changed easily using […]

Stopping spams mail by Greylisting in WHM

Greylisting is a service provided by cPanel/WHM to stop receiving spam and unwanted incoming mails. On enabling this option, the mail server will temporarily reject all mails from any sender (other than from the trusted mail servers) in the first attempt. Legitimate sender mail server would retry sending the mail after a […]

How to Remove A User From A MySQL Database In CPanel

You can achieve this easily from inside your web hosting cPanel in minutes. Here’s how to do it – Log in to your cPanel interface. 2. Navigate to the Databases section. 3. Click on the MySQL Databases icon. 4. Find the database you want to remove user from, in the […]

What Is Absolute Path in web hosting

Absolute path is used for managing your website data or executing a PHP script of yours manually from our cPanel or via SSH? Here is an explanation of where your website data is located and is being executed from our servers: The Data directory or Document Rootof the primary/main domain where […]


What is mod_security? ModSecurity is a web application firewall that can work either embedded or as a reverse proxy. It provides protection from a range of attacks against web applications and allows for HTTP traffic monitoring, logging and real-time analysis. You can install or upgrades are performed automatically when you […]

How can I Redirect URLs in cPanel

Login your cpanel Click the Redirects button on the front page under the “domains” Enter the address of the web page to move in the first field. Enter the redirection address in the second field. (this can be a sub domain and may be listed as a directory on home […]

How to prevent user creating certain domains

You can use cPanel & WHM to prevent users creating certain domains. You can do this using the WHM Tweak Settings option labeled Prevent cPanel users from creating specific domains. For security purpose, this feature is very useful for admins. if you wish to prevent cPanel users from attempting to park a […]

Deny SSH access by ip address on cpanel

There are many ways available to secure SSH on cPanel Server. We can deny SSH access to all other ip address except from our ISP ips.  In order to allow our ip address and deny all other ips use the following method. From within your WHM head to Security Center >> Host […]

What is SuPHP and how to use?

suPHP will execute php scripts as the user you specify. This enhances security by not running scripts as the web server user (nobody) or as root. So even if there is a vulnerable php script installed, it can at most execute with the permissions of the non-privileged user you choose […]