How to setup emails hosted in Windows hosting in your Outlook.

To setup your emails hosted in our Windows hosting platform, please use the settings below. Make sure you have created the email in your Plesk Control Panel before you begin. 1. On Outlook, File>>Account Settings>>New (This path may change depending on the Outlook Version being used) 2. There are two […]

How to turn Mod Security On/Off

Mod Security is a security feature in our cPanel that prevents the upload of malicious files to your account. It scans all files uploaded for malicious content and blocks the IP doing the upload if such content is found. Sometimes, when updating your site, Mod Security may find your files […]

How to change IP using Hoxx VPN in Firefox

Sometimes you may need to change your IP to avoid seeing the website cached by your ISP. This can be done by using a VPN. Most browsers allow you to install a VPN that you can use to change IP. Here, we’ll look at how to install one VPN client […]

How to create a new sudo user in Centos

A sudo user is one that can run root commands by prefacing the command with the word sudo. To create such a user in a Centos server, follow the steps below: 1. Login to your server as root ssh root@ip_address 2. Add a new user and choose a password useradd […]

How to create Cron jobs

Cron is a time scheduled task in a UNIX system. It’s a series of tasks that the system runs from a script. It is a good way to carry out repetitive tasks efficiently. To set-up a cron job, access cPanel >>> Home >>> Advanced >>>Cron Jobs. Here you will be […]

How to Enable or Disable Leech protection

Leech Protection interface allows you to detect unusual levels of activity in password-restricted directories. After you set the maximum number of logins within a two-hour period, the system redirects or suspends users who exceed it. This is useful if, for example, someone posts a user’s login credentials on a public […]