Adding new TLDs and updating Domain prices in WHMCS

By default, onnly a few TLDs come configured in WHMCS such as .com, .org and .net. However, most of the times you would like to add more TLDs such as, etc. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Login to WHMCS as Admin

2. Navigate to Setup>>Products/Services>>Domain Pricing


3. Navigate to the last row, which is empty and has the writing Add New TLD and enter the new TLD. Make sure to start with the dot eg or

4. Specify the addons you want to be automatically provisioned for the domain on registration or transfer. These include, DNS Management, Email Forwarding etc. Note that, some of these services may be incur additional charges from the registrar you are reselling from, so get the full information be fore you automatically offer it to your clients.

5. Once through adding all the TLDs you’d like click on Save Changes.

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