What to do when your account is suspended due to spamming.

If your account sends out spam emails through our servers, we suspend it to prevent the spamming from continuing. There are two ways we may suspend the account: first, we will suspend the account from using the email function only. This means your account cannot send or receive emails. Second, we may suspend the entire account in case the first type of suspension doesn’t solve the spamming problem of your account. When we suspend your entire account, your emails won’t work and your site will be inaccessible to visitors. This article will help you understand what spamming is, why we suspend your account and how you can get your account unsuspended.

What is spamming?

Spam mail, also known as junk mail, refers to unsolicited or undesired emails sent out in large quantities to various recipients. These recipients are normally existing emails belonging to people who have not asked to be sent the emails or are non-existent emails accounts created by combining common names with domains e.g. commonname@gmail.com or commonname@domainname.com. Spamming is the process of sending spam emails

How does spamming occur?

The main method by which spam emails are sent is through use of spamming scripts. Spamming scripts are files (mostly .php files) that are designed to automatically send out spam emails when executed. These scripts are located in a folder in your account and are executed either using cron tasks or are accessed by malicious persons and executed remotely.

What are the effects of spam?

So, why do we care so much when your account is sending out spam emails to our hosting servers? There are two main reasons why we care:

Reason 1: On any shared hosting server, there are several users making use of the services being offered on the server. These services include email forwarding. All emails from a particular server are forwarded using the same single IP address. Therefore, when your account sends out spam, the spam emails will appear to have been forwarded from the IP address of the server your account is hosted in. This will cause the IP to be blacklisted by Blacklist Organisations such as Spamhaus and/or even be blocked by the server providers and ISPs.

When an IP is blacklisted, emails sent through that IP will be treated as spam emails or even be rejected by some servers. This means you can send an email but it will bounce back or if it reaches, it is thrown into Spam/Junk folder of the recipient. On the other hand, when an IP is blocked, the server will NOT be able to deliver emails to recipients. The worst part is, these consequences affect all users on that affected server! They will all not be able to send emails.

Reason 2: Given that spam emails are sent in large quantities, they tend to enlarge the server mail queue such that those sending legitimate emails will have to experience delays before their emails are delivered. This is because the mail queue becomes so long when a server experiences spamming.

For these two reasons, we do not let accounts spam on the server.

How do you get your account unsuspended?

Now that we know what compels us to suspend your account, the question is, what can you do to have your account unsuspended? If your email service has been suspended due to spamming, follow the steps below to get it unsuspended:

1. Remove the script(s) causing spam from your site files. You can contact us to assist in providing the paths to the location of the scripts.

2. Update your CMS scripts. CMS like WordPress, Joomla etc. are known to be areas where spammers put their scripts in your site. Use the latest secure scripts so that to fight security vulnerabilities exploited by spammers.

3. Use strong passwords to prevent access to your account. Avoid dictionary based words as passwords. Use a combination of Upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and symbols for your passwords.

4. If the problem persists or you are unable to determine what scripts are spamming, you may need to remove all files from the site and redesign it.

Once you have taken the above steps to secure your account, contact us and we will unsuspend your account immediately. In case the account continues spamming, it will be suspended again.

Finally, it is evident that the issue of spamming is a serious matter. Therefore, we recommend that you take care of your site by regularly updating scripts to remove security vulnerabilities and using strong passwords to prevent attackers from gaining control of your account. And if somehow your account gets suspended, kindly work with us to resolve the issue soonest possible.

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