Domain name registrations in Kenya

Domain name registrations in Kenya There are 200 or about domain registrars and resellers in Kenya. dThe huge number of players in the small industry has led to high competition which has further fueled cost cutting in domain name prices. Players in the web and web services market barely make […]

Domain registration tips

Domain registration tips Tips for the best domain registration practice. Choose your business or organization name as the domain name. It’s very important that your domain name and your business name are the same. Why, in this era of brands you can’t afford to feed two beasts – a domain […]

Domain Name Renew/Auto Renew

Domain Name Renew/Auto Renew This is an option in domain name system that allow renewal of domain name automatically provided your Truehost Kenya account has sufficient funds. Consider setting Domain Name Auto renew option on to avoid disruption of service. This is also supported on other related services including on […]

Domain Name DNS Management

Domain Name DNS Management Domain Name DNS Management refer to other DNS tools that are available for manipulation by users. These are usually the advanced DNS options that are recommended for advanced users. Some of these tools include; CNAME – ability to add a CNAME to a domain name (CNAME […]

Domain Name Nameservers

Domain Name Nameservers  Add Nameservers refer to the hosting server address. Nameservers are basically subdomains within a domain that point the parent domain to the IP address of the hosting server. Examples of Nameservers include: and Every domain name has to have Nameservers – usually domain name registrar […]

Domain Name EPP code

Domain Name EPP code Domain Name EPP code refer to an authorization code that is require for transfer of domain from one domain registrar to another. Truehost Client Area allow generation of EPP code for almost all domain name extensions. EPP code is required the new domain name registrar that […]

Domain Name Privacy

Domain Name Privacy Domain Name Privacy option allow masking of WHO IS information on a particular Domain Name. WHO IS record refer to a summary of domain name ownership information, domain name hosted server, Domain name technical and administrative contacts, domain name registration and renewal date, domain name registrar information. […]

Domain Name Locking/ Domain Name protection

Domain Name Locking/ Domain Name protection This refers to the option that allows a client to lock the domain name from editing of any of DNS information and transfer (change of domain name registrar). Domain Name Locking is supported universally by all registries and therefore any domain name allows locking […]