Domain Name Prices in Kenya Update

Truehost Kenya has revised .KE domain name prices to the interest of clients.

Domain name registration prices for .KE Domains have been updated to  KES 1000

Domain name renew prices for .KE Domains have been updated to KES 1000

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Truehost Kenya is the one the best KENIC accredited domain name registrar in Kenya.

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Cheap Webhosting services in Kenya

Cheap Webhosting services in Kenya

Cheap webhosting services are attractive to buyers. Many unsuspecting buyers end up buying from unscrupulous web hosting companies under the marque of cheap web hosting service. As a result cheap has been associated with poor quality over a long time.

Truehost Kenya is a top web hosting service provider offering cheap and quality webhosting services.

How to check quality in a cheap web hosting service

Quality of support

Support quality should not be overlooked; a service is as good as the support package that accompanies it. Make sure your top web hosting service provider guarantees quality support for the package of your choice.

Adequate disk space and bandwidth.

Adequate storage space for your files is important, inadequate space lead to slow site speeds, failure in services like data capture and mailing functions. Always ensure your web hosting package has free space that can store your mails and any other incoming data. Check out the 5GB Truehost Silver package as a good start point.

Bandwidth is the total allowed transfer in a month. A quality host package should have enough bandwidth; depletion of bandwidth renders the website inaccessible.

Total cost of ownership

A web hosting service should only be qualified as cheap if and only if it has the lowest total cost of ownership. Total cost of ownership refer to the total amounts that have to be incurred to have the web host service running for a given period may be 3-5 years.

Server speed and Response time

Server speed and server response time refer to the quality of a webserver. These directly affect the website speed of any website hosted on that server.

Always ensure the server speed is acceptable, hosting in an overloaded server results in poor site speed for your website.

Server response time can be tested by a ping to the server using cmd or web services like

Acceptable server  response time is 500ms and below. All servers at Truehost Kenya maintain a response time of less than 400ms.

Web hosting companies kenya

Kenya is a major technological hub in Africa, with a vibrant and growing ICT industry. Many global firms have set up offices in Nairobi, and many more keep flocking in. many tech start-ups have their roots in Nairobi, and many more are coming up.

If you are a looking for a web hosting company in Kenya, there are tens of options to choose from. Most of these companies offer excellent services that will most likely meet your web hosting needs. Here is a list of the best web hosting companies in Kenya.

  1. TrueHost Kenya
  2. Kenya Web Experts
  3. Web Host Kenya
  4. Sasa Host
  5. Host Bora

For a list of all the hosting packages offered by TrueHost Kenya, visit

What is a domain?

What is a domain?

Just as streets have addresses and mobile phones have phone numbers, websites need domains in order to be accessible. They are the virtual location where online information can be found. Thus, the first thing one needs to do is to get a domain name for their website. Remember; if you do not secure your domain as soon as possible, you might lose it once someone registers it.

TrueHost gives you a domain checker service, where you can check if your domain is available. Go to and check for your preferred domain. TrueHost also gives you an option to purchase the domain online, and pay via MPESA in order to get your domain name seamlessly. You also get access to thousands of fee templates, if you choose to host with us.

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Best reseller hosting Kenya

Best reseller hosting Kenya

To make the most from reselling hosting service, one needs to find the best reseller hosting program. TrueHost Kenya offers the best reseller hosting package, complete with cpanel and other security features. You do not have to worry about various things like the technical details and the hardware, as the TrueHost team already does this for you. Join the TrueHost team today and participate in the best reseller hosting offer in Kenya.
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Web hosting sites

For a website to be online, it needs to be hosted somewhere in a web server. This means that as you set up a website, you need a secure, reliable web hosting site where you are assured of a 99.99% uptime.

There are many web hosting sites available, some for free and others at some cost. Do not just pick any hosting service for free, but plan for a suitable package that gives you a cut above the rest.You need to consider the location of the hosting company, in terms of where their servers are physically located. Also, compare the different hosting packages and choose the one that is convenient for you. The more the packages offered, the higher the chances that you will find a package that meets your company need.

TrueHost gives you great service that is free of spam, secure, and easy to use. Contact TrueHost Kenya today for to get the best web hosting service.

Fast Website hosting in Kenya

Fast Website hosting in Kenya

Website hosting refers to providing an online platform where web pages can be ‘housed,’ providing access to other users. When creating a website, the two main important technical procedures are to acquire a domain name, and to get a good website hosting service. There are many website hosting companies in Kenya, and your choice should give you a reasonable cost, fast speed, low latency, good storage, and dedicated support.

TrueHost Kenya offers you fastest website hosting in Kenya, meeting all your web hosting needs. We specialise in giving our clients a strategic positioning in the online world. If you are looking for a web hosting service in Kenya, contact us to day

Free web hosting in Kenya

Free web hosting in Kenya

When it comes to web hosting, there are various challenges that come with free web hosting. Using a free hosting service can deny you the best experience, since most of those hosting services rely on ads to pay for the service. Security is also an issue of concern here, where data may be compromised and you are not assured of security for your important database. Choose a secure web hosting, as opposed to free web hosting services.

TrueHost Kenya provides a secure, reliable hosting service, at the cheapest price. Check our website today for the latest offers on web hosting, as well as cheap domain registration.

Web security services in Kenya

Web security services in Kenya

Many people consider door locks, alarms, surveillance cameras and access control features to be important features in the physical world. Similarly, the World Wide Web requires such features in order to operate and serve the needs of the users. Web security services are vital part for the online world, ensuring data security and privacy. One needs to invest in good security measures to escape the online vandals that may be prowling the internet to bring down your site.

TrueHost offers great web security services in Kenya, to ensure that your data is not compromised. Our servers are secured to ensure that information is safe, and we give guidelines on how to achieve maximum security while navigating the internet.

Best vps hosting in Kenya

Best vps hosting in Kenya

A Virtual Private Server hosting involves providing virtual machine that is leased to a client to use. It involves partitioning a physical server into various virtual servers, which operate as different entities, but in real sense, are part of the main server. This allows the user of VPS to run them as if they have their own servers located somewhere.

Get the Best VPS hosting in Kenya with us. TrueHost offers fast and affordable virtual private servers to meet your cloud computing needs.  Contact is for more information.

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