Domain Name Renew/Auto Renew

Domain Name Renew/Auto Renew

This is an option in domain name system that allow renewal of domain name automatically provided your Truehost Kenya account has sufficient funds. Consider setting Domain Name Auto renew option on to avoid disruption of service.

This is also supported on other related services including on Truehost Cloud, Cloudpap and Jisort

Domain Name Nameservers

Domain Name Nameservers  Add

Nameservers refer to the hosting server address. Nameservers are basically subdomains within a domain that point the parent domain to the IP address of the hosting server. Examples of Nameservers include: and

Every domain name has to have Nameservers – usually domain name registrar provides default domain name Nameservers. Therefore all domain name extension support addition or change of Nameservers. Kindly request your new host for the domain name Nameservers as they may vary from one server to another.

A locked domain name cannot allow change of domain name Nameservers.

Domain Name Privacy

Domain Name Privacy

Domain Name Privacy option allow masking of WHO IS information on a particular Domain Name. WHO IS record refer to a summary of domain name ownership information, domain name hosted server, Domain name technical and administrative contacts, domain name registration and renewal date, domain name registrar information.

Domain name privacy substitute real record by records of a domain name privacy company. Unfortunately only a few domain name extensions or TLD support this option. Currently Kenya country code level – .KE TLD doesn’t support domain name privacy option.

Check if your domain name has the domain name privacy addon in the Truehost Kenya client area – domain name privacy can be free or at a fee.

Domain Name Locking/ Domain Name protection

Domain Name Locking/ Domain Name protection

This refers to the option that allows a client to lock the domain name from editing of any of DNS information and transfer (change of domain name registrar).

Domain Name Locking is supported universally by all registries and therefore any domain name allows locking or protection from client area.

Check for lock domain name option in the client area. Could be Domain Name Lock Enabled or Disabled

Domain name registration services in Kenya

Domain name registration services in Kenya

Domain registration services in Kenya are provided by web hosting and telecommunication companies in Kenya. Kenya country Level code is .KE available on the following extension. – for corporate domains – for government agency domains – domain name for network devices or agencies. – for personal blogs domain name – domain name extension for organization – domain name extension for kenyan based colleges and institutions of higher education –domain name extension for secondary and primary schools.

Domains name registration services is provided by organization accredited as .KE resellers. The organization responsible for accreditation is called KENIC, an institution under Communication Authority (CA).


Most of these accredited organizations are web hosting services. These web hosting services provides website hosting services, email hosting services, domain name registration, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), bulk sms, sale and installation of SSL certificates, web design and web development, cloud servers and server management services.

Some of the main players in this market include:

Truehost Kenya

Kenya Web Experts


Webhost Kenya


EAC Directory

Deep Africa




Among others



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Truehost  Kenya also register other domain name extensions – international domain names.


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.CO.KE Domain Extensions in Kenya

.KE Domain Extensions in Kenya

There are about .ke domain extension provided by KENIC through the accredited domain registrar companies.

Each extension serves a different purpose, though the customer is at liberty to choose any domain extension for his business apart from the controlled domains.

Extensions include:

This is an extension intended for commercial entities or companies in Kenya just like .com at an international level.

Intended for not for profit organizations or NGO’s located in Kenya, just like .org on an international level.

This is a special domain extension intended for network devices, just like .net on an international level

This is a special extension intended for personalized blogs, websites and emails just like .me on international level

An extension that is reserved for mobile websites or mobile content just like .mobi on an international level

This is a domain extension provided specifically for information provider’s entities in Kenya just like .info at an international level.


Controlled Domain Extensions – require supporting Documents

There are three domain extensions in Kenya whose registration is controlled, in other words a client is expected to provide some supporting documents for the registration process to go through. These domains include:

This is a domain extension reserved for governmental bodies and agencies in Kenya just like .gov. In addition to the Body or Agency providing an official request, the process is handled by ICT Authority of Kenya.

This is another controlled domain extension reserved for institutions of higher learning; they include tertiary institutions, colleges, and universities, in Kenya just like .edu at a global level. Supporting documents in additional to a request by the institution have to be submitted for the process to go through. Supporting Documents include; a letter or certificate of registration from ministry of education as an institution of higher learning.

This is another controlled domain extension reserved for lower and middle institutions of learning such as low grade, primary schools, and secondary schools in Kenya. Supporting documents required for the registration to go through include:

An official request from the institution requesting

A copy of registration certificate or letter from the ministry of education.

All supporting documents must bear the name of the registering body and with classification matching the intended category for the domain.


Now you know choose your domain wisely.



What is the difference between a domain, hosting and a website?

Domain is the ip address shared by different devices. It indicates ip address of a computer or a website. Setting up will help in blocking outside traffic from accessing computers within n the network which helps in security.

Hosting is where client store website files after getting space from web server companies and make them available for visitors to view. Web server companies will provide you with server maintenance work such as your site backup, root configuration, maintenance and disaster recoveries e.t.c . Without the hosting services, you won’t have a place for your website.

Website is the site files which your visitors or potential client sees when accessing your site e.g your services, your products, your contacts. Files can be .PHP files or .html files which are PHP Scripts or html pages respectively.

Web-Hosting server knows how to read these files and that portray how client webpage looks or instruct the server to do a series of computations that is figuring out what blog article it’s supposed to send back to the viewer

What is a domain?

What is a domain?

Just as streets have addresses and mobile phones have phone numbers, websites need domains in order to be accessible. They are the virtual location where online information can be found. Thus, the first thing one needs to do is to get a domain name for their website. Remember; if you do not secure your domain as soon as possible, you might lose it once someone registers it.

TrueHost gives you a domain checker service, where you can check if your domain is available. Go to and check for your preferred domain. TrueHost also gives you an option to purchase the domain online, and pay via MPESA in order to get your domain name seamlessly. You also get access to thousands of fee templates, if you choose to host with us.

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Best reseller hosting Kenya

Best reseller hosting Kenya

To make the most from reselling hosting service, one needs to find the best reseller hosting program. TrueHost Kenya offers the best reseller hosting package, complete with cpanel and other security features. You do not have to worry about various things like the technical details and the hardware, as the TrueHost team already does this for you. Join the TrueHost team today and participate in the best reseller hosting offer in Kenya.
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Cheapest reseller hosting Kenya

Cheapest reseller hosting Kenya

As a reseller, one is always looking out for the cheapest reseller hosting in Kenya. To make the most from a reseller hosting program, one needs to seek out the hosting service that provides the best services at the least cost. This will enable one to enjoy the economies of scale by buying in bulk and selling to others in small quantities. TrueHost Kenya give the cheapest reseller hosting package in Kenya, giving you a platform to build your business.


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