Domain registration tips

Domain registration tips

Tips for the best domain registration practice.

Choose your business or organization name as the domain name.

It’s very important that your domain name and your business name are the same. Why, in this era of brands you can’t afford to feed two beasts – a domain name and a company name.

Keep your domain name short

Yes, there is no good domain name anymore after all .com have been sold. – that is no excuse. Get a short domain name – under 12 characters or less is ideal.

Make sure your domain name is easy to remember

Can be unique, simple, and memorable – any of the three can serve you better but all the three can combine for a perfect choice of a domain.

Stick to popular extensions

.com, .net,,, .in, .org, . are relatively common and easy to remember. Unless you have need to use a niche extension like .cloud, .io, .hotels, .travels .lawyers, .info – stick to the popular extension s so that it is easy to remember for people.

Buy alternative domain extension for your domain

If your domain is a .com consider buying a or or .net just to protect your brand. It may cost a fortune much later to rebuy the domain extension when it will be hurting your brand.

Domain Name Renew/Auto Renew

Domain Name Renew/Auto Renew

This is an option in domain name system that allow renewal of domain name automatically provided your Truehost Kenya account has sufficient funds. Consider setting Domain Name Auto renew option on to avoid disruption of service.

This is also supported on other related services including on Truehost Cloud, Cloudpap and Jisort

Domain Name Locking/ Domain Name protection

Domain Name Locking/ Domain Name protection

This refers to the option that allows a client to lock the domain name from editing of any of DNS information and transfer (change of domain name registrar).

Domain Name Locking is supported universally by all registries and therefore any domain name allows locking or protection from client area.

Check for lock domain name option in the client area. Could be Domain Name Lock Enabled or Disabled

Kenic domain registrars

Kenic domain registrars

Kenic stands for Kenya Network Information Centre. This is a government sponsored organization that operates under CA, Communication Authority – the Kenyan government body in charge of regulation of telecommunication entities and their operations.

CA through Kenic licenses and regulates .KE domain registrars in Kenya. Kenic operates .KE registry. .KE is country level TLD for Kenya.

.KE registry supports 8 domain extensions including

  1. for commercial entities operating in Kenya
  2. for non-profit organization operating in Kenya
  3. for network entities operating in Kenya
  4. for personal blogs operating in Kenya
  5. for information and news related services operating in kenya
  6. for government bodies in Kenya
  7. for institutions of higher learning operating in Kenya
  8. for primary and secondary schools operating in kenya

All the over 100 domain registrars are equipped with technology to register any of the extension on behalf an end user.

Top domain registrars in Kenya are also registrars of non-Kenya domain extensions. Such as .com, .net, .biz, .org, .info, .me, among others.

Top domain registrars in include Truehost Cloud, Kenya Web Experts, Sasahost, Eac Directory, Safaricom Webhost Kenya among others. Most top domain name registrar provides other domain name related services such as web hosting, email hosting, dedicated servers, Virtual Private Servers, private email servers, web design and development among others.

Truehost Cloud does not only provide the best domain registrar services but also reliable email and web hosting, quality cloud servers, VPS in Kenya and dedicated servers located in different locations all over the world such as Nairobi, Johannesburg, Gravelines, Toronto, Phoenix, Rio de Janeiro, Cairo,

WordPress hosting at Truehost Kenya.

WordPress is a free, open-source content management system (CMS). It is based on PHP and MYSQL. Over 75 million websites in the world uses WordPress.

WordPress come in 2 versions:

  1. com; this version is hosted in the cloud and can only be accessed using
  2. org; this version is available for download and can be hosted in web servers and personal computers.

At Truehost Kenya, we offer WordPress hosting. The WordPress hosting Truehost Kenya offers, helps you to be in control of your site or blog, customize it as you may desire, add plugins of your choices and add WordPress pages, and add posts anytime of the day.

WordPress hosting at Truehost Kenya has been made easier since you already find WordPress cms already in your hosting package, all you need to do is to install it in your root directory. Alternatively just download WordPress in your localhost, customize a theme and once you’re done, upload your site to the hosting account you have acquired from Truehost Kenya.

WordPress hosting at Truehost Kenya is absolutely free, no additional cost after purchasing of a hosting package. The hosting account you purchase come packaged with WordPress and many CMS you may want to use.

To acquire WordPress Hosting at Truehost Kenya, you just need to order for a hosting package you desire and the can be sure that all Truehost Kenya hosting packages supports free WordPress hosting.

To acquire WordPress hosting at Truehost Kenya just check here

Experience Free Domain Registration In Kenya

Truehost Kenya performs domain registration and transfer for Kenyan, East Africa and international domains. These includes:

  • Registration or transfer of Kenyan domains marked by dot ke (like,, ,,,
  • Registration or transfer of East Africa domains such as,,
  • Registration or transfer of international domains such as .com,.net,.mobi, .co

There are packages that allow for free domain registration such as SME Litebox and SME Valuebox that caters for all customized emails. These packages allow users to create their desired email accounts for corporate, professional and personal use.

Truehost Kenya ensures your domain is under world recognized registrar for validity and acceptability.

Free domain registration is usually attached to certain services as explained by different web hosting companies. For how long is it this domain free? True it remains free as long as you have the attached service that has an offer.

Have you ever wondered why domain registration is important? Domain registration is entitlement to use the name for your gain, a way to deny others the right to use your name for their gain.

The reason why you need it registered under your name is to ensure you have that right reserved to use it for your communication, references and advertisements.

A land owner has a title deed for ownership, while a domain owner has registrar information as sign of ownership. Be advised to have your own domain registered under you.

The domain registration at Truehost  is cheap and there are offers  available during  certain seasons of the year.

Keep informed of these free domain registration offer by visiting

Secure Web Hosting In Kenya

We ensure that your website is secured from hacking, free from illegal use such as money laundry, safe from all cyber security related crimes. Secure web hosting means:

  • Website availability on the internet
  • Ability to pass information to your website users without other intrusions
  • Easy  access to your website all the time
  • Personalized control over your website content

Truehost makes this possible by
(1) Providing you with best hosting services thus gives you a secure hosting space
(2) Registering your domain name with the accredited registrar thus, your domain is well recognized
(3)Selling the SSL Certificate and installing it

Best web hosting companies ensure safety for their web hosting service users. They place measures to prevent unauthorized access of websites hosted by them.

They maximize uptime to 100% by ensuring no interruptions occur on websites hosted.

A secure website will draw its users with confidence that whatever information provided is true and is not subject to change without notice. Secure E-commerce websites makes more money since online buyers confidently transact and acquire goods or services on display.

Why a secure website is needed:

  • To manage the website traffic that ranks your website as the best,
  • To maximize accessibility by internet users
  • To improve the freedom of data integrity through personalized evaluation of content
  • To escape the damage of your website
  • To avoid unnecessary redirect to other websites
  • To build trustworthiness with your website visitors
  • To attain the goal for developing your website

Truehost Kenya believes that secure web hosting is possible. We advocate for measures that ensure complete security and personal control over your website. Choose Truehost web hosting services to secure all your websites.

How to pay your invoice from your client area

Go to

>Click on Client area

>Enter your email address and password you used to register (refer to welcome email)

>On top bar click Billing

>Select my invoices

>click on the unpaid invoice that you want to pay

>on the invoice select the payment method you want to pay e.g lipa na mpesa

>Pay the amount invoiced

>upon receiving payment notification from Mpesa

>Enter the Mpesa reference number on the blank box space (below the words transaction code)

>click confirm button

Then check in your email for the payment confirmation details and the transaction details.

How to update personal information from the client area.

  • Enter your email address and password you used when you registered as client and click login button
  • If you cannot recall your password click forgot password to reset the password
  • Click the drop down on Right hand corner that has hello to see edit account details as shown belowca2
  • Select edit account details and make changes that you prefer
  • Click save to store the changes

How to make money online by sharing links

How to make money online by sharing links

Imagine making money by just sharing links within your circle of influence. It’s simple and real at Truehost Kenya. Get paid for referring customers to Truehost

How to

  1. Sign up for an account at Truehost Kenya ( by just clicking the Sign up button.
  2. Fill in all the relevant data.
  3. The System sends a confirmation email requiring account confirmation.
  4. After Account confirmation login to your new account by clicking of Client Area link
  5. Click on Affiliates Program link to reveal the affiliates on top menu link.
  6. Click Activate Affiliate Program

The link looks like

One can request a withdrawal as soon as the threshold withdrawal amount is achieved.

Just share your affiliate link, visitors are tracked using cookies and any order that a visitor make up to 90 days after first visit from referral link or thereafter is credited to the affiliate account.

Affiliates reward percentage is currently set at 10%

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