A Windows Server in A Data Center in Kenya for Multi-branch Business in Kenya.

Do you have a multi branch business operating Kenya.

Would you want to run all office operations from one system or one server..?

A windows server 2012, 2008 or any other..

We have a solution for you.

Our windows servers just like Linux servers in Kenya are situated in world class data centers with bomb proof security.


  • up time of 99.95% throughout the year
  • 24/07 support 365 days a year
  • lightening speed when accessed with any local network
  • Super Secure
  • Affordable
  • Payable on Monthly terms – no contract

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Domain registration tips

Domain registration tips

Tips for the best domain registration practice.

Choose your business or organization name as the domain name.

It’s very important that your domain name and your business name are the same. Why, in this era of brands you can’t afford to feed two beasts – a domain name and a company name.

Keep your domain name short

Yes, there is no good domain name anymore after all .com have been sold. – that is no excuse. Get a short domain name – under 12 characters or less is ideal.

Make sure your domain name is easy to remember

Can be unique, simple, and memorable – any of the three can serve you better but all the three can combine for a perfect choice of a domain.

Stick to popular extensions

.com, .net, .co.ke, .com.ng, .co.uk. .in, .org, . are relatively common and easy to remember. Unless you have need to use a niche extension like .cloud, .io, .hotels, .travels .lawyers, .info – stick to the popular extension s so that it is easy to remember for people.

Buy alternative domain extension for your domain

If your domain is a .com consider buying a .co.ke or.com.ng or .co.uk or .net just to protect your brand. It may cost a fortune much later to rebuy the domain extension when it will be hurting your brand.

VPS Based in Kenya

VPS Based in Kenya

Virtual Private Servers in Kenya are a key investment for any business operating in the region. These offer firms and businesses a chance to have their data physically located in Kenya, without unnecessary CapEx Spend, and with the flexibility of quick set up, buying on demand and ease of scaling when demand changes.

Kenya is a major technological hub in East Africa, a regional leader in terms of technological advancements, direct foreign investments and housing regional offices for major multinational companies. With a vibrant ICT sector, Kenya leads the region in terms of infrastructure and availability of skilled labour in various sectors. With this status, global firms have found the need to have dedicated servers or virtual private servers located in Kenya for ease of managing their operations in the region.

The existence of cheap virtual servers in Kenya is credited to availability of several data centres located in Kenya, and the connectivity to the rest of the world via several undersea optical fibre cables. There is also a local internet exchange point that makes it easier to route the Kenya traffic, and even the data within East Africa, thus making virtual private servers serving local population extremely fast. Coupled with a highly skilled labour force and a tech savvy population, many VPS providers in Kenya are able to offer nearly 100%uptime and relevant support. Other services like mail servers are also available at competitive prices, usually lower than what they cost in the developed economies.

Best and Most Affordable SSD Super-fast Servers and Virtual Computing Machine in Kenya

Best and Most Affordable SSD Super-fast Servers
VPS refer to virtual private servers.
They can also be viewed as low capacity servers. Owners are allowed to install instances of operating system such as Debian, Centos, Ubuntu, Linux, and Windows Server 2012 among others.
Cloudpap.com specializes in delivering wholesale servers for the developers’ world.
Dedicated Servers and VPS are configured in ways that allow developers exploit the full power of computing hardware. SMEs in need of servers also form good proportion of clientele at CloudPap.
We are cloud super ready and we make projects and businesses cloud ready. Harness power of cloud computing by moving your applications and websites to Cloudpap.com
Find cheapest VPS and Best VPS in Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa at Cloudpap.com. Cloudpap.com has also the best dedicated servers in Africa. We have partnered with Digital Ocean and other players to avail simply the best cloud service.
Set up a server in less than 58 Sec, and enjoy super-fast servers in the World. Our datacenters are in Germany, France, Canada, USA (Texas), Nairobi.
Connect to server close to you and reduce latency, speed up data access and processing. Enjoy unlimited data transfer in your home country.

Free web hosting in Kenya

Free web hosting in Kenya

When it comes to web hosting, there are various challenges that come with free web hosting. Using a free hosting service can deny you the best experience, since most of those hosting services rely on ads to pay for the service. Security is also an issue of concern here, where data may be compromised and you are not assured of security for your important database. Choose a secure web hosting, as opposed to free web hosting services.

TrueHost Kenya provides a secure, reliable hosting service, at the cheapest price. Check our website today for the latest offers on web hosting, as well as cheap domain registration.

Web security services in Kenya

Web security services in Kenya

Many people consider door locks, alarms, surveillance cameras and access control features to be important features in the physical world. Similarly, the World Wide Web requires such features in order to operate and serve the needs of the users. Web security services are vital part for the online world, ensuring data security and privacy. One needs to invest in good security measures to escape the online vandals that may be prowling the internet to bring down your site.

TrueHost offers great web security services in Kenya, to ensure that your data is not compromised. Our servers are secured to ensure that information is safe, and we give guidelines on how to achieve maximum security while navigating the internet.

Best vps hosting in Kenya

Best vps hosting in Kenya

A Virtual Private Server hosting involves providing virtual machine that is leased to a client to use. It involves partitioning a physical server into various virtual servers, which operate as different entities, but in real sense, are part of the main server. This allows the user of VPS to run them as if they have their own servers located somewhere.

Get the Best VPS hosting in Kenya with us. TrueHost offers fast and affordable virtual private servers to meet your cloud computing needs.  Contact is for more information.

Best domain name registration in Kenya

Best domain name registration in Kenya

There are various companies that offer domain name registration in Kenya. Since the service offered by all these companies is similar, one needs to choose the best service that gives value addition besides domain registration.

TrueHost Kenya offers the best domain name registration in Kenya. We have the cheapest domain name registration service, on a wide range of domains such as .com, .net, .org, .ke, amongst others. We offer the best .ke domain registration in Kenya, which gives your brand a unique Kenyan identity.

Best web hosting service in Kenya

Best web hosting service in Kenya

A good web hosting service ensures that your website is always accessible to your target market all the time, at a reasonable speed, and in a secure server. It is important for any developer to choose the best web hosting service that gives value for money.

TrueHost Kenya offers the best web hosting service in Kenya, which guarantees you the value for your money. Our service include secure web hosting on different types of platforms, with a guaranteed a 99.99% uptime. We provide the best service for our clients, creating online presence and optimizing the website so that it can be easily found by a search engine.

Cheapest SSL certificates in Kenya

Cheapest SSL certificates in Kenya

An SSL certificate is used to facilitate a secure session between a browser and a web server. It is as an important tool in any server that carries sensitive data, ensuring that maximum privacy is ensured. This helps to protect passwords, credit card information, and any other sensitive data that may need to be transmitted between the web server and the browser.

To ensure security, get a digital certificate for your site and start using it as soon as possible. TrueHost offers the cheapest SSL certificate in Kenya, which can protect your sensitive information.

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