Web Hosting in Kenya

web hosting in Kenya

web hosting in Kenya

Web hosting in Kenya, or website hosting, is a service that allows people to make their websites publicly accessible through the internet. It is one of the key things required to get business or personal information online, besides acquiring a domain name and creating the actual website.

There are several companies that offer web hosting in Kenya. As a regional techhub, Nairobi is home to some of the leading internet hosting companies in the world. If you are considering a web hosting company in Kenya, the following is a list of trusted companies that provide the service.

  1. TrueHost Kenya

TrueHost Kenya is one of the leading cloud services companies in Kenya, with a global presence in several other countries. They offer 4 webhosting packages namely: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. The bronze hosting is free of charge while the best seller is the silver hosting plan. TrueHost caters for web developers with our gold, platinum and reseller web hosting packages. Another main area of dominance for Truehost is domain name registration.

Truehost also offers VPS hosting and Dedicated servers. Our servers are located in Kenya and other different locations in the world. Visit our Cloudpap page to see what we have to offer.

Contacts: info@truehost.co.ke

Website: www.truehost.co.ke.

As a fact, Truehost offers the cheapest web hosting in Kenya.

  1. Kenya Website Experts

Kenya Website Experts is one of the oldest web hosting companies in Kenya, also offering other services such as online marketing, domain registration and website design. They have various packages depending on the user requirements, and they offer excellent support services.

Contacts: support@kenyawebexperts.com

Website: kenyawebexperts.com

  1. SasaHost

Sasahost is one of the best web hosting service providers, boasting of years of experience and good support. Located in Nairobi, they offer several startup hosting packages, and offer reseller services.

Contacts: support@sasahost.co.ke

Website: www.sasahost.co.ke

  1. Webhost Kenya

Webhost Kenya offers website hosting, domain registration and web design services in Nairobi. They have several premium web hosting packages and offer excellent support services.

Contact: info@webhostkenya.co.ke

Website: www.webhostkenya.co.ke

  1. Safaricom Limited

Safaricom is the biggest telecommunication company in Kenya, offering a wide range of services from data centers to internet connection services. They offer affordable web hosting services, with a great service that is backed up by years of corporate expertise.

The downside to their service is that unlike the other top web hosting service providers in Kenya, they do not have a dedicated support team.

Contact: info@safaricom.co.ke

Website: www.safaricom.co.ke

  1. Mambo Microsystems

Mambo microsystems offers similar services as other web hosting service providers. Located in Westlands, Nairobi, they  have several packages that are suited for high end clients, besides offering other services like mobile apps and automation.

Contact: info@mambo.co.ke

Website: www.mambo.co.ke

  1. Hostbora

Hostbora is a version of Swahili word that means best host. The company has offered web hosting for over three years, and offer premium hosting services.

Contact: info@hostbora.com

Website: www.hostbora.co.ke

  1. Peak and Dale Solutions

Peak and Dale offers a number of services, ranging from web design, domain registration, search engine optimization and building software applications. They are located in Nairobi, and offer conventional hosting services.

Contact: info@peakanddale.com


  1. BitSimba

Drawing its name from the famous word ‘simba’, which is a Swahili word for Lion, Bitsimba specializes in web hosting, web design and SMS marketing.

Contact: info@bitsimba.com


  1. CloudPap

Although CloudPap is better known for providing cloud services in state of the art data centers, it provides good options of web hosting in Kenya by making it possible to host websites in dedicated and virtual private servers. This has the advantage of having a better managed service, although only people who have very huge and busy websites take that option, instead of using a shared hosting service.

CloudPap has servers located in Kenya, and with a dedicated 24/7 support, they offer an alternative way for corporates and ecommerce service providers to run their websites.

Contact: info@cloudpap.com

Website: www.cloudpap.com



A Windows Server in A Data Center in Kenya for Multi-branch Business in Kenya.

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Cheap Webhosting services in Kenya

Cheap Webhosting services in Kenya

Cheap webhosting services are attractive to buyers. Many unsuspecting buyers end up buying from unscrupulous web hosting companies under the marque of cheap web hosting service. As a result cheap has been associated with poor quality over a long time.

Truehost Kenya is a top web hosting service provider offering cheap and quality webhosting services.

How to check quality in a cheap web hosting service

Quality of support

Support quality should not be overlooked; a service is as good as the support package that accompanies it. Make sure your top web hosting service provider guarantees quality support for the package of your choice.

Adequate disk space and bandwidth.

Adequate storage space for your files is important, inadequate space lead to slow site speeds, failure in services like data capture and mailing functions. Always ensure your web hosting package has free space that can store your mails and any other incoming data. Check out the 5GB Truehost Silver package as a good start point.

Bandwidth is the total allowed transfer in a month. A quality host package should have enough bandwidth; depletion of bandwidth renders the website inaccessible.

Total cost of ownership

A web hosting service should only be qualified as cheap if and only if it has the lowest total cost of ownership. Total cost of ownership refer to the total amounts that have to be incurred to have the web host service running for a given period may be 3-5 years.

Server speed and Response time

Server speed and server response time refer to the quality of a webserver. These directly affect the website speed of any website hosted on that server.

Always ensure the server speed is acceptable, hosting in an overloaded server results in poor site speed for your website.

Server response time can be tested by a ping to the server using cmd or web services like pingdom.co

Acceptable server  response time is 500ms and below. All servers at Truehost Kenya maintain a response time of less than 400ms.

Best web hosting services in Kenya

Once you have carefully designed your website, the next step to take is to host it. For a website to be accessible to your online community (your clients, peers, etc.) it must be hosted. You can host it on your own or get assistance from a professional. Some hosting companies will help you achieving this while others will not; it all depends on the level of support offered by the web host.

Since you are reading this, it means you intend to host a website someday whether soon or later. If you are wondering how you can host it on your own, you can check out this step by step tutorial. For the purpose of this article, I will concentrate more on where to find the best hosting services in Kenya.

  1. Truehost Kenya.

Truehost offers their clients unlimited email addresses on every hosting plan they offer, they also guarantee 99.99% uptime of their servers, they boast of one of the best support team and cheap domain prices.

  1. Kenya web experts.

Kenya web experts are also known to offer one of the best hosting services in Kenya.

  1. Sasa Host.

Like the first two, sasahost are also known to be doing well in the industry.

Others include:

  • Peak and Dale solutions
  • Web host Kenya
  • Hostbora

Web hosting in Kenya

It has probably reached the point where even individuals need a website – not just businesses looking to go online! But getting a great website is not the “be all, end all”.

Since a website is but a collection of web pages (as you know them), the pages have to be placed in a place called a server through a process or service known as web hosting. Without which the website will be unreachable – meaning you miss out on the vital online presence that your business requires. This service is normally provided by companies known as web hosts who own or have leased a server to host their customers’ websites.

Truehost Kenya is the most reliable and price friendly web hosting company in Kenya  and they offer best value for money with their web hosting services – 99.99% uptime and 365/24/7 customer support are just a few of them! Because you need your website online at all times for the sake of your own customers’ satisfaction.

For prices as low as KES 999 you or your business can have your website hosted on their well-equipped servers. You can  choose from 3 different Truehost plans: The Silver package at an annual cost of KES 999/annum,  the Gold package @ KES 1999/annum and the Unlimited plan for KES 2499/annum.

7 things you need to know about cheap domain and web hosting

What is a Domain name..?

Domain name are unique host name that point to a certain IP address, the IP address in return point to a certain server, a server that stores and runs the hosted website or the hosted application files. The Server in this regard becomes the hosting space. Hosting space is offered by thousands of hosting companies globally. Increased competition has led to emerge of cheap domain registration and web hosting.

What is domain hosting?

Domain hosting refer to the activities of registering a domain name with an accredited domain registrar (domain registering company), linking the domain name to a server space, uploading files into the web server (web hosting).

5 qualities to look for while shopping for a Cheap and QUALITY domain hosting

  1. Accreditation of the registrar

Ensure the domain seller is an accredited domain registration entity, ICANN accredits domain registrars globally, there are stringent requirements that a company must meet to get accreditation as a domain name registrar – a quack will not meet the requirements.

  1. Server Response time

Try to ping the web hosting company server.

  • Simply go to cmd of your computer
  • Write the command ping truehost.co.ke
  • (Replace truehost.co.ke) with the domain name of your domain hosting if you are looking for an alternative webhosting to Truehost Kenya.

The server response includes server response time – anything below 500ms is good for your website. The smaller the response time the better


  1. Customer Support

A good web hosting company or domain registrar should offer quality support to her clients in a timely manner. Truehost Kenya is known for her quality and timely support.

  1. Add-on tools

Beware of domain hosting company that charge cheap prices for the core service but charge exorbitantly for the essential add-ons. Truehost Kenya pricing include the cost for the essential services like email forwarding and dns management

  1. Domain and Hosting Ownership cost/ pricing Policy

Ownership cost refers to the cost you incur for 5 years; beware of registrar that charges nothing for the first year and exorbitantly the years that follow. These domain registrars usually complicate domain transfer options, consequently locking you down to the expensive package. Truehost Kenya pricing policy dictate that pricing and renewal fees information to be availed at registration time and most importantly renewal prices should be the same as the purchase price unless unavoidable price change affects.


Best web hosting and domain registration

There are several factors to consider when choosing or setting up a functioning website. Every developer or webmaster is always looking for the best web hosting and domain registration service provider that will meet their web hosting needs. If you are looking for the best web hosting and domain registration service, here are several factors you should consider:

  • Best domain name: You need to find a good domain name that is easy to remember, descriptive of your business, and one that will not easily be confused with another one. Think of several combinations and settle on the one that is best. You might find the common domains already taken, so be flexible and have several options. You can check if a domain is available using TrueHost Kenya’s domain checker tool HERE.
  • Once you find the domain, buy it as soon as possible. Unless you have paid for it, someone might claim it before you do. Paying for a domain is now very easy. TrueHost Kenya offers you the best domain registration service you can pay via MPESA, Paypal, or any other means. Once you have the domain, think about hosting.
  • The best hosting service is dependent on a number of factors, but mostly on your needs. A good hosting package for A might not mean it is good for B. Also, having the most expensive web hosting package would not be useful if it is not optimally used.
  • To get the best web hosting service, determine what you need in terms of storage space, maximum amount of data you would expect to transfer, and the speed with which you want the website to be accessed (bandwidth). These will help you choose the most convenient package. TrueHost Kenya offers a number of different hosting packages that will guarantee you a reliable service. Of you have a busy website where you need to keep transferring a lot of media, you need an unlimited.

Once you have selected a package, make a payment and get online! Click on the link below to get the best web hosting and domain registration services from TrueHost Kenya.

Best web hosting and domain registration

Best web hosting and domain registration

How to choose a domain and hosting service

For any new webmaster, there are a few things you need to know to get yourself going. First, before you get your site online, you need to get a good domain. This acts as your unique address on the internet, which people will use to get to your site.

A good address should be easy to remember, and descriptive of your business. Think of different combinations that can work, and check to see if they are available. TrueHost gives you an opportunity to check the availability of your domain. Click HERE to search for domains as well as other various hosting options. TrueHost Kenya also gives you an option to pay for the domain via MPESA or any other viable means.

The hosting service you choose is as important as anything else you have. Think of hosting as an office space. When choosing an physical office site, you would consider the physical location, size, sitting space, partitions, accessibility by road, location of your clients, rent, number of employees…etc. For web hosting, you need to choose sufficient bandwidth, storage space, and have a reliable web hosting company. There are various packages available under TrueHost Kenya, and the choice you make will depend on your need.

After choosing a hosting package, the next thing is to design a good website and host it. There are several Content Management System that one can use, such as Joomla, WordPress, and others. TrueHost offers thousands of these free templates, where you can choose from.

Click on the link below to choose a hosting service and Domain now!


Kenya Data Center

Get a server or VPS or Cloud Services account at Kenya Tier III Neutral Carrier Data Center.
More than 7 ISP on board.
99.997% up-time guaranteed.

Best reseller hosting Kenya

Best reseller hosting Kenya

To make the most from reselling hosting service, one needs to find the best reseller hosting program. TrueHost Kenya offers the best reseller hosting package, complete with cpanel and other security features. You do not have to worry about various things like the technical details and the hardware, as the TrueHost team already does this for you. Join the TrueHost team today and participate in the best reseller hosting offer in Kenya.
Click HERE to search for a domain and see our hosting packages, as well as subscribe to the best reseller hosting package in Kenya

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