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Are you a blogger, an aspiring blogger, or none of those but you think about the term blogging a lot? This is for you.

At Truehost, we understand that you need to have a form of control over where you blog and ownership of the content that you create.  You need to have the best SEO tools that will enable your blog to be found by search engines such as Google, and you need an easy to use platform.
As a leading web hosting company, we support hundreds of bloggers, from the established ones, to those who are trying to find their steps in the blogging world. Our packages feature the following:

  1. A .com and .co.ke domain name at KES 1000 and 570 respectively. Renewal price of KES 1000 per year.
  2. Free SSL certificate for all blogs hosted with us. It is free forever; no renewal.
  3. Free transfer from wordpress.com and blogspot.com. All posts, images and comments imported into your hosting.
  4. Free hosting for blogs not exceeding 144 MB. Free for life. Other hosting packages starting from KES 999 per year.
  5. 24/7365 support on phone, email and livechat.

What can you do about it… next step:

For those who want to start blogging:

  1. Consider using the free hosting service, and we can assist you set up your blog and get moving
  2. For those who have been blogging on WordPress or BlogSpotYou can consider moving your site to your own domain, which helps you build your brand, and gives you more credibility. A hosting and domain will cost youat most KES 1999 per year.
  3. If you are an established bloggerWe can help you move your blog to benefit from free SSL certificates, and receive various tools that can help you monitor the traffic to your site, and do somesearch engine optimization.

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