How To Transfer Domain and Hosting From Safaricom

  • Go to and click order now on top of the page
  • On left panel click transfer in a domain
  • Put your domain name and click Transfer
  • Complete the order process and make payments for invoiced amount
  • Write an email to Safaricom using email address with the message stating: kindly assist me with the EPP CODE to facilitate transfer of my domain name(mention your domain name)
  • Safaricom will email you the EPP CODE.
  • Forward to the EPP CODE you received from Safaricom
  • The domain will be transferred and an email will be sent to you with confirmation message of transfer

NB: Transfer domain before it expires to facilitate fast transfer.



  • Go to and click order now on top of the page
  • Select the hosting package you prefer and click order now button on it
  • Put the domain name for the hosting and select the appropriate action

-If you are transferring domain name choose second option that states transfer domain

-if you are not transferring domain choose third option that states I will use my already existing domain and update name servers

  • Click to continue button
  • Select the two free add on email forwarding and DNS management and click to check out
  • Fill in your contact details and click complete order
  • Make payments for the order as invoiced
  • Then you shall receive your email notification with Cpanel credentials
  • Access your former hosting Cpanel and perform back up
  • Then download your website files by accessing my files under file section
  • Select all files and click on top of panel download
  • Upon downloading them
  • Go to cpanel under database and select PHP myAdmin
  • Choose the specific database you wish to download select all its files then click export button
  • Login to the truehost cpanel using details provided
  • Go and upload your files on the my files under file section
  • Go to database section and create the database and users using mysql wizard
  • Under database section go to PHP myAdmin
  • Click import button and upload the database you had downloaded from your other hosting
  • Contact your domain registrar and request them to point the server names to those provided by truehost.

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