How to transfer a domain from Kenya web experts to Truehost Kenya.


How to transfer a domain from Kenya web experts to Truehost Kenya.

Truehost Kenya provides one of the best domain and web hosting services for small businesses, professionals and large and medium enterprises.

Truehost also has one of the best domain registration and management services.

Over time Truehost has been receiving in transfer from several domain registrars. This article concentrates on in-transfer from one registrar, Kenya Web Experts.

To transfer a domain from Kenya Web Experts to Truehost is simple, can be summarized in simple steps.

  1. Login to the current domain registrar client area, Kenya web experts.
  2. Click on domains (My Domains)
  3. Select the checkbox against the domain you wish to transfer
  4. Under ‘With Selected’ Click on ‘Registrar Lock Status’
  5. Click on ‘Disable Registrar Lock’ to unlock the domain to allow domain transfer.
  6. Copy the EPP code provided by Kenya Web Experts under EPP Code Link (optional)
  7. Go to Truehost website domain search bar, either on homepage, domains menu, or from the client area -Write down your domain
  1. Click on Transfer Button. (The order for transfer is placed within the Truehost system.)
  2. Proceed to checkout to confirm the order, (Remember to paste the EPP code from old domain transfer – Kenya Web Experts in the additional information area of checkout form. Domain transfer cost varies with the domain, some are free e.g.Co.KE domains, other are charged as indicated in the domain pricelist.)
  3. Pay to complete the domain transfer as per the invoice received. (Old Domain Registrar, Kenya Web Expert will receive an email requiring them to confirm transfer out.)

The domain Transfer takes around 72 hours to complete.

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