Truehost Cloud Story

January 2016

By then, we had developed a few websites for clients as a side hustle, and we were hosting  in 3 hosting companies.

Our clients were not satisfied with

  • The hosting level of service,
  • Computing Resources available for their applications and websites
  • Availability of Support Services
  • Pricing levels

We resolved to solve our immediate problems by starting an innovative managed cloud service provider platform that would guarantee:

  1. Reliable, Powerful & Innovative Managed Cloud Hosting – 99.999% uptime
  2. 24/07 Phone,Email,Chat,Tickets Excellent Support
  3. Affordable Services and fair Pricing Model

We started with one dedicated staff, one server, 100 clients..

Several months later, steady growth leads to to more than 10 servers, more than 10 dedicated staff, more than 10K clients..

We will be updating the story shortly..




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