How to upgrade your hosting package from silver to gold in Truehost.

This article describes how to move your website from Silver package to Gold Package on Truehost in short simplified steps.

  1. The first step is to login to the client area using the account credentials of the client area sent to you by Truehost on account set up
  1. Step two requires selection of the service – the silver package that you need to upgrade. It can be selected from ‘Your Active Products/Services’ Section
  1. Step Three Click on upgrade/Downgrade link under Actions Section
  2. Step four Select the new Truehost Web hosting package to upgrade to i.e. Gold Package. (Upgrade price will be calculated from a credit of unused portion of current plan and billing of new plan for same period.)
  3. Step five Enter promotion code if any
  4. Step six Choose the preferred payment mode
  5. Step seven Click ‘Click to Continue’ to submit the order. An invoice will be generated for the upgrade
  6. Proceed to pay in the check out and finalize the hosting package upgrade process from Silver to Gold at Truehost.

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