How to upload a themes/plugins using FileZilla (ftp)

Sometimes it’s hard to upload a theme using the manual way.

This is because sometimes, themes might exceed the maximum upload size.

ftp process is one of the most convenient and sure ways to upload your file  from your computer to online sites.


  1. Download the desired theme in zip form
  2. Unzip the theme into a folder.
  3. Download the FileZilla client from
  4. Install the program in your computer and run it.
  5. Configure it to connect to your website.

This are the configurations

Hostname: put the hostname that was sent to you in the new account information.

Username: put the cpanel username

Password: put the cpanel password.

Port: 21

Press quickconnect.

  1. You should see the two windows side by side ie your local computer and your online site.
  2. Locate the unzipped theme in your computer.
  3. On the online site, locate the public_html folder
  4. Inside the folder locate the: public_html/wp-content/theme.
  5. Drag and drop your unzipped theme here.
  6. For the plugin the process is the same the only change is the last folder, the path is


  1. Once you done that, monitor the progress and you’ll see the completion popup.
  2. Login to wp-admin and Appearance>themes/plugins, you should see your theme.

That’s all.

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