Value addition presented by Truehost Marketplace

Website Builders in Kenya

To the Developer

Allow highlighting of your profile and portfolio

A pool of jobs to bid for

Present a review system that allow you to benefit from positive reviews by your client

Mediation in the unlikely case of a dispute

A ranking system that allow you to grow with every successful project delivery

An escrow service to receive payments on your behalf – just to make sure the client is fully committed to the project.

Marketing and advertising to attract more jobs.

Accreditation certificate of competence that can be used in job and project application.

To the Client

A pool of developers from who to award your project to

Ability to split your project into multiple parts and assemble a team to deliver it

An escrow service to hold your funds as a developer or team is working to deliver – payment only released when you are satisfied with the job

A passive project supervision at Truehost marketplace

Mediation in the unlikely case of a dispute

How much do Truehost Marketplace Charge

It’s free to register as a client and list a project

It’s free to register, build a portfolio and bid for a project

Escrow service charges 5% as funds and project handling fees

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