Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is also called virtual dedicated server. It is a virtual server that has qualities of a dedicated server, provided by an Internet Hosting Company to clients through a lease agreement.

In most cases there are usually several VPS running from the same computer server or dedicated server.

An internet hosting company like Truehost runs a data center with Several Computers (dedicated servers), some of the computer server is utilized as dedicated server, others are shared between a few clients as virtual dedicated servers or Virtual Private Servers (VPS) while others are utilized as reseller hosting and shared hosting services.

Virtual Private Servers allow clients to install a copy of or an instance their own operating system (OS). VPZ or Linux based VPS are the most common and cheapest in the market.

In most cases the Operating System installed in VPS is bundled with other software including:

  • A web server
  • A FTP Software
  • Mail Server Software
  • Installer scripts for most popular Content Management System – Softaculous (Available with selected Truehost VPS)

A VPS package may also include IP addresses and with a provision of adding more as it may be appropriate for the client.

A single VPS can support several websites and applications

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