Web hosting in Kenya

It has probably reached the point where even individuals need a website – not just businesses looking to go online! But getting a great website is not the “be all, end all”.

Since a website is but a collection of web pages (as you know them), the pages have to be placed in a place called a server through a process or service known as web hosting. Without which the website will be unreachable – meaning you miss out on the vital online presence that your business requires. This service is normally provided by companies known as web hosts who own or have leased a server to host their customers’ websites.

Truehost Kenya is the most reliable and price friendly web hosting company in Kenya  and they offer best value for money with their web hosting services – 99.99% uptime and 365/24/7 customer support are just a few of them! Because you need your website online at all times for the sake of your own customers’ satisfaction.

For prices as low as KES 999 you or your business can have your website hosted on their well-equipped servers. You can  choose from 3 different Truehost plans: The Silver package at an annual cost of KES 999/annum,  the Gold package @ KES 1999/annum and the Unlimited plan for KES 2499/annum.

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