Why .co.ke is better than .com

Why .co.ke is better than .com

A look at the top Google searches in Kenya reveals that many people prefer to search for a web page, than to enter the page url on the browser. This means people would rather search for ‘truehost hosting’, than type www.truehost.co.ke in their browser (actually, a number of people do not know the difference between an address bar and a search bar, or they do not know the address of the [age they need).

A .co.ke domain is better than a .com domain because makes one rank higher on the search index, to the users in Kenya (google knows where searches are being made from). This means that your site will not appear on the tenth page of the search results, because nobody bothers to read even the second page.  A company that targets the Kenyan market will thus benefit more by having a .co.ke domain compared to a .com domain, since Kenyans are more likely to find it when they search on Google (SEO advantage).

A .co.ke is better than a .com domain because identifies you as a Kenyan site. Give your site the unique Kenyan identity by registering a .co.ke domain, and see your customers grow. The good thing is that if you already have a .com, .net or .org domain, you can replace with a .ke domain, and still have the old domain directing to the same website.

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