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Would you do business with someone you don’t trust? Of course no. That’s the same feeling your site visitors get when they find your website Insecure whenever they visit. Invest in the security of your customers and earn their trust. improve the credibility of your business and website with an SSL certificate today. Read more here …

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Google is out to secure the internet

In an effort to achieve 100% encryption in the Internet, Let’s Encrypt CA provided Free SSL as a start to the process. To boost the idea of a secure Internet, a big company needed to come in and bring it’s reputation and resources to the course. Guess who came? You are right. It’s Google…

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What SSL Actually Does for You?

Boost customer confidence

It takes a tenth of a second to make an impression. Nothing will instantly boost your customers confidence in you lik e an SSL certificate

Faster page load speeds

Browsers integrate new features such as HTTP/02 protocol for SSL/TLS connections. This improves the performance f the site as it loads pages faster

Gives the professional look

Having an SSL says to your clients that you are serious about what you are doing online adn that you will always ensure their data is well secured in your site.

Enrypts your data

An SSL encrypts communication between a website and the server, keeping your website users' data safe from prying eyes

Boost Google SEO ranking

Since August 2014, Google has been using https to rank sites. If your site runs on https you will rank higher in Google compared to a site that doesn't have https

Get HTTPS and Padlock

An SSL certificate is the only component that can activate the green padlock on your website and a https tag next to it.

Why Choose Us for Your SSL?

Cheap SSL Always

Services we offer at Truehost are always affordable. SSL Certificates are no different. Buy them for as low as sh1000

Free Installation

Whenever you buy an SSL certificate from us, you don’t need to worry about how it’s going to be installed. We cater for that at no extra cost.

24/07 Support

If you have any issue with your SSL certificate, say you need to re-issue it, or it isn’t redirecting we’ll always be here to help you sort that out

2048 Bit Encryption

Our SSL offers highest level of 2048 bit CSR encryption as per CA/B forum standards. Keeps your customers transactions secure

Unlimited Reissues

In case of you loss private key or your domain name changed certificate re-issuance becomes required. We offer free unlimited re-issuance

Free Site Seal

Site Seals are offered by CAs to futher authenticate your SSL certificate and prove t your customers your identity.

What People Have to Say!

SSL certificates have become a standard in modern day cloud service provision. Truehost will go a long way to empower Kenya and Africa at large with the provision of SSL
Web Developer
People will not take your website seriously if you do not have an SSL certificate. I am glad I am able to find a local SSL solution for my websites with truehost.
IT Consultant
As a web developer, I'd like my clients to have their websites secured without them feeling that their pockets are being strained. I also know the importance of encrypted communication between a browser and the website. The solution Truehost are providing is timely.
Domain and Hosting Reseller

Need security? we've got you covered.

Regardless of what your security needs are, there’s sure to be an SSL option that’s right for you. At Truehost Cloud, we stock a full range of SSL solutions, so we’re certain to have what you need.