Centos Web Panel (CWP) is a popular free open source control panel.

It has a friendly user interface thus making website management easy and enjoyable.

Also, it has the ability to perform cPanel backup restoration thus making it easier to migrate a website from cpanel to WCP.

This guide shows you how you can move a website from cPanel to CWP automatically using full cpanel backup.


  • Access to your cpanel account
  • A server/VPS running a clean install of CentOS 6 or 7
  • Basic knowledge of Unix commands



  1. Doing cpanel Backup
  2. Migration
  3. Restoration
  4. Emails




  1. Log in to your cpanel account using the username and password provided by your web host



  1. Once you are logged in, click the backup wizard icon → Backup → Full Backup → Generate a Full Backup


Backup wizard icon


Generate a full backup

  1. Choose the Home Directory as the destination for the backup and also provide an email address to send a notification when the backup is complete.



  1. Once the full backup is complete, go back to the cpanel and open the File Manager and choose the Home Directory. Here, you will see the newly created backup file with a .tar.gz file extension. Right click on the backup file and choose Move. Then type public_html as the destination.


  1. Then navigate to the public_html directory and locate the backup file. Right click on it and change the permission to 644


  1. Right click on the file again and rename it with a cp-move prefix

Format: cpmove-(USER).tar.gz






  1. Go back and log in to your VPS and navigate to the home directory /home
  2. Now it’s time to transfer the full cpanel backup to file to your VPS using the wget command

wget http://domain.tld/cpmove-user.tar.gz

Remember to replace the domain tld and the full cpanel backup file accordingly.


  1. Once you have the full cpanel backup in your VPS located in the /home directory , open your favorite web browser and log in to CWP control panel as the root user.



  1. Then click User Accounts → Cpanel Migration



  1. Then select the backup file from the drop down and click import.
  2. Once finished you will get a notification that the migration has been successful.


In order to finish up, you need to update the NS records for your domain.

Go to the client area of the current domain registrar and change the current nameservers to the ones that belong to your VPS.

Allow for propagation then once it is complete give your site a test to make sure all the functions of your website are working well.



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