Everything you need to know about websites and web hosting


Sometimes when you need a website, you just need a website! You may not be concerned about the details therein, as they say, the devil is always in the details. But the moment you start ‘getting’ your website, many other things come up. You need to choose a domain name, get a hosting with sufficient bandwidth, storage and latency, have cPanel, installed, use Content Management system such as WordPress, Joomla or others, set up email forwarders and IMAP clients, and many other technical terms. All these details may confuse, and here we are going to explain them in the simplest terms possible.



A website is a collection of pages in the worldwide web, including documents, information, media, graphics or even databases. These together constitute a website, and when you want to create a website, you are simply putting all this together in a way that someone can easily access it. To achieve this, there are several things that you will need to know, have or use:


Domain name

Domain refers to the address that will be used to access your website. You will need to register a domain name, and this is something that looks like www.mydomainname.com, or www.mydomain.co.ke. ‘My domain’ here refers to your name of choice, such as your business name, your brand name, or any name that you choose to use. For a list of all the available domain names, check Truehost Domains Page.

Web hosting

Web hosting, internet hosting, or simply hosting refers to the service that avails you some storage space, computing power, and necessary software, in a computer that is publicly accessible over the internet. This means that whatever you place an install there will be available over the internet, unlike a file in your home PC which cannot be accessed over the internet. This is called hosting, and Web hosting companies like Truehost Cloud offer you different web hosting plans, including shared hosting and virtual machines.



Storage refers to the hosting space that the hosting company avails to you, to use for your website. This is measured in bytes, and could range from MBs to several GBs or TBs. The choice of an appropriate storage depends on the size of your websites, and in most cases, 10 GB is good enough.



This is another magical term when it comes to web hosting. Once you have been given a web hosting space, you need to be assured that you have access to the space. This is more like an access road that will be used to access the web hosting space.

The access road can be defined either in terms of the number of lanes, or the number of vehicles that are allowed to pass per unit time. In web hosting terms, this means that the bandwidth would be limited to a dedicated connection speed of 1 Mbps, or to a monthly total data transfer of 100GB to and from your hosting space. Why such restrictions? Because, internet service providers charge for data transferred, and someone hosting videos will have a lot of data moving from their website, and they need to fairly pay for that traffic.



Do not make an assumption that there is an aPanel, bPanel, and then cPanel. But cPanel, is the software that manages your hosting space, allowing for installation of others tools, management of the hosting space, and creating and managing email addresses. You will login to your web hosting space by using the link www.mydomain.com/cpanel. cPanel is like the operating systems for your hosting space.


Content management System

Once you have your web hosting space, and access to it via cPanel, you need some software to help you manage the content that you will be uploading there. This is where CMS comes in, and there are many such software such as WordPress, Joomla, and many others. Truehost Cloud hosting space and cPanel allow installation of various open CMS, and it is up to you to choose the one you want.



Webmail is the web service that allows you to access your emails through your browser. Once you have your domain and hosting set up, you can access your webmail email service by using the link www.mydomain.co.ke/webmail.


Email Client

When accessing emails, there are several tools that are meant to help one do so. Such can be software like Microsoft Outlook, or any mail applications that are available for android and iOS. These are what we call email clients, and are useful as they help us have access to the emails even when we are offline. The technology behind how these operate is usually either POP3 or IMAP, and setting up any of these is easy, as these email clients can do that automatically, giving you access to your emails instantly.


Website builder

Building a website is never a walk in the park. There are lines of code to write, programming language to learn, and databases to integrate. But then, this is not the year 1999, where everything must be complicated. Welcome to the world of website builder, where anyone can design and develop their own website by simply dragging and dropping.

Truehost website builder allows one to drag objects across a page, order them in the best way possible, and publish the website online. It is like creating your own website using Microsoft Office. Simply click, drag and develop.


What are you waiting for? Get your website started now.

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Truehost cloud utilizes SSD Technology which data access speed is more than 100X faster compared to the traditional HDD Technology that is popular among web hosting companies. Other benefits of our technology include reduced chances of failure.


30 Days Backup and Restore in all the services

Cpanel in all hosting accounts

100% Uptime on all the servers


  1. Login to client area on truehost

-click on my services and select the ssl you want to install.

-Click generate certificate now button

-Fill details as below

-Select your webserver: CPANEL/WHM

  2. a) To get CSR, login to your cpanel for the domain you are securing with ssl
  3. b) Create an email address “admin@yourdomain” e.g admin@testing.com
  4. c) under security select TLS/SSL

d)Under Certificate signing request (CSR) Click generate

e)fill in details on form that appears as below

-key-generate 2048key

-domains:domain name you are securing

-city:Your city name

-state/country:your country name

-company:your company name/domain name without its extension

-Company division:IT

-EMAIL:The admin email address you created in step 2b

-passphrase:domain name

-descritption:domain name

-Click generate button

3.Copy the CSR contant(details between the begin and end certificate request)





  1. go back to client area and paste the CSR on box provided

-Choose Signature Algorithm:SHA-2

-Then ‘click to continue’

-Select certificate approver email as the admin@domainname

-click to continue

5.Go to the email admin@yourdomain

-click the approver link sent from the ssl provider

-select i approve

-Now your ssl certificate will be sent to email address admin@yourdomainname

6.Download the SSL .Zip file sent to your email

-alternatively download certificate from client area

7.open the .zip file and copy the certificate with domainname.crt

8.Paste the certificate(domainname.crt) to your desktop

9.To Complete installation,login to cpanel again

-under security,select TLS/SSL

-under certificates,click generate certificates

-upload a new certificate

-browse the certificate on desktop


– Under install and manage ssl,Go to Manage ssl sites

-select the ssl you uploaded

-click Install button



create.htaccessfile on cpanel and paste.

RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

Your domain is secure. Login now with the new credentials.

SSL Certificates at Truehost in Kenya

An SSL Certificate is a safety tool for any website. The certificate secures data on the website from the intruders and also protects information shared by website visitors.

They can be categorized in forms below:

  1. Basic SSL for simple website
  2. Dynamic SSL for ecommerce websites
  3. Encrypting SSL with security seal
  4. Servers and multi domain SSL
  5. Code SSL Certificates



They provide security for a single domain and are best for simple websites. These include:

Comodo positive SSL Basic for your domain security 1000
Web inspector starter Has daily monitoring and online scans for your website 1085
Certum Basic ID certificate Secures electronic communication on emails and websites using a public key 1300
Web inspector plus Has daily monitoring and a web inspector seal 1718
Web inspector premium Checks for PCI compliance and has daily monitoring and scans 2321
Rapid SSL Best for simple websites 2500
Web inspector enterprise Has comodo web inspector seal and performs website  monitoring daily 4419



They secure domains and their subdomains and suitable for websites with transactions.

Comodo essential SSL Secures transactions for light e-commerce sites 2600
Comodo instant SSL Suitable for light e-commerce websites 6432
Thawte SSL Web server For ecommerce websites with dynamic site seal 11859
Geotrust True business ID Secures transactions on websites for small and medium sized businesses. 14271
Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard Has https symbol and is suitable for light ecommerce 15075
Comodo Hack guardian PCI Scan control centre Secures transactions on payment card industry 17466
Rapid SSL WILD CARD Secures one domain and its unlimited subdomains 21900
Positive SSL Multi domain wildcard Secures unlimited subdomains, e-commerce payment pages, mail servers ,intranet and extranets, web applications and it is mobile compatible 29949
Comodo Wildcard SSL Covers one domain and all its subdomains 31959
Thawte Wildcard SSL Secures all subdomains under same server hosting in medium and large sized companies. 54069



These have symbols for security assurance to website visitors. The symbols may include green bar, padlock icon, or the company seal on the address bar for the website.

Certum  commercial SSL Secures data on forms and has security seal 2200
Certum  profesion ID Verifies identities of website users company details and email addresses 2,400
Certum Enterprise ID For signing of sensitive documents for companies 4,900
Thawte SSL 123 Has a seal indicated on the website it is installed on 5226
Comodo instant SSL PRO Has a padlock symbol on address bar 8241
Certum  Trusted ssl Has a security seal and an encryption 10653
Certum   commercial ssl wildcard Has encryption for a domain and its subdomains 12261
Certum  Trusted SSL wildcard Has https and padlock icon. Suitable for one domain and its subdomains 21909
Comodo EV SSL Has green bar, daily scanning and post install health check. 24,924
Thawte SSL Web server EV Has green bar and security seal on website it is installed on 27,939
Comodo Hacker proof Trust mark with daily scans Secures your brand such as software with the trust mark symbol 120,600
Symantec secure site pro Has Norton security seal, daily malware and vulnerable scans and ECC encryption for complete security 134,469
Symantec secure site with EV Has seal in search technology, green bar and Norton secure seal 145,725
Symantec secure site pro with EV Has ECC encryption key for data security, green bar, a premium of Norton secure seal 206,829





These certificates have server licensing inclusive and they secure more than one domain.

Positive SSL Multi-domain Secures multiple domains for startup e-commerce and small businesses 3216
Geotrust Quick SSL premium Suitable for dynamic websites and server licensing 10452
Comodo Elite SSL Secures both www and non www, has vulnerability scan and comodo site seal 14070
Comodo essential SSL Wildcard Secures unlimited subdomains and has unlimited server licensing 15879
Comodo unified communication certificate Secures many different domains 18693
Domain validated UCC Secures Microsoft exchange 2010 server, office communication server 2007 and has a static seal 18693
Comodo multi domain SSL Secures a maximum of 100 domains 18693

Geotrust  Quick SSL Premium multi domain

Secures the domains, sub domains and emails 19095
Geotrust True business ID with EV Has green bar, suitable dynamic sites and server licensing 29949
Geotrust True business ID  with multi domain Secures up to 100 domains for dynamic websites and unlimited server licensing 38190
Comodo EV Multi domain SSL Manages multiple websites, can manage additional Secure Area Networks up to 100 domains, has green bar and encryption 47,235
Comodo unified communication wildcard secures multiple website domains and unlimited subdomains 50049
Comodo multi domain wildcard Multiple domains and unlimited sub domains with addition vulnerability scanning 50049
Comodo PCI scanning enterprise edition Secures networks and servers. Performs unlimited scans for IP Addresses and tests PCI Compliance 51054
Symantec secure site Has secure seal, performs scans and secures maximum of 25 domains 53265
Geotrust True business ID with EV multi domain Has green bar and secures storage area networks. 59898
Geotrust True business ID wildcard Secures multiple domains hosted in the same server 64119
Symantec secure site wildcard Provides the organization with validated certificates for all sub domains.

In addition it has a Norton seal and Symantec logo for security proof to website users.




This secures the code from re hosting, impersonation and modification by malicious third party.

Geotrust Website anti-malware scan Secure the website code and sends notification concerning infected pages 9045
Comodo code signing Prevents code from modification by third party 12864
Thawte code signing Secures codes on web applications and software 23919
Thawte individual code signing Secures individuals code from modification by other people 26733
Symantec code signing individual Secures code from impersonation and modification by third party 72159
Symantec code signing Secures organization codes from re hosting and impersonation. 72159



To make order use link: http://www.truehost.co.ke/ssl-certificates/

SSL Certificate is a security measure approved by all bodies and recognized by all search engines.

How to get a .co.ke domain in Kenya

How to get a .co.ke domain

.co.ke domain is central to any business operating in Kenya. .co.ke domain is not only a mark of brand Kenya but it is also emerging as a mark of quality and credibility.

Initiative by the stakeholders including KeNIC that simplified the process of getting a .co.ke. It’s now simpler to get a dot co.ke domain than it was a while back. There are more than 30 domain registrars whom clients can order and secure dot co dot ke domain from.

For the purposes of this report two co.ke domain registrars will be considered. At Truehost Kenya, getting a .co.ke domain involves doing a domain search on the readily available domain search bar.

When the site returns positive result of domain availability, the customer is allowed to add to cart then check out via Mpesa or Paypal at a price not more than KES 900.

Domain registration is automated and therefore domain acquisition is instant.

At CloudPap, another domain registrar with target clientele in ( Nairobi) Kenya, (Kampala) Uganda, (Accra) Ghana, (Lagos) Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, (US) United States of America, Mexico, (Britain)UK, France, Ireland, Canada, India, Japan, Singapore,  Australia,  New Zealand, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan, Iran, Russia, Argentina  and Brazil, domain registration is equally simplified.

After a successful domain search, clients are allowed to add their domain to cart; prices on CloudPap are in dollars by default. Checkout options include MPESA, Paypal and Cards. The price of .co.ke at Cloudpap doesn’t exceed   $9.99. Domain registration and acquisition is automated and therefore instant upon making the payment to the domain name invoice


Using My Account and My Site Even Though My Domain Name Has not propagated.

Until the domain name has propagated users can only access their hosting control panel and webmail by means of a temporary URL consisting of a server IP address and the port. This information is provided by the hosting company on domain registration.

Temporary URL is used when the domain is not working. The actual site URL is found in the email your hosting company sends. This is the format of the temporary URL that is used to access the cpanel


How to order new items form the truehost client area.

  1. Login to the client area using your registered email and password.
  2. Click the services tab and click order new services.
  3. A list of categories on the left hand side sidebar will appear ie.
  • Webhosting
  • Dedicated servers
  • Virtual private servers
  • SSL Certificates
  • Custom Development Application.
  • Product Addons.
  1. After choosing the service you want to add,click order now .
  2. The process is that simple.

How to login to truehost client area

  1. Click Login Button on the Menu or Enter this URL on your browser’s address bar www.truehost.co.ke/cloud/ 
  2. On the top right ,click the Login Tab and a form drops down.
  3. If you already have an account with truehost,fill in the email and password and login.
  4. If you don’t have an account with truehost,signup in the click here to signup link.
  5. You’re good to go now.

How to configure webmail with incredimail Kenya

  1. Download and install incredimail on your computer
  2. Launch the application and fill in the following first

Gender and country

Nb: tick or untick the checkbox if you want or not the updates and click next.

  1. Choose others in the list since we are configuring webmail.
  2. Click next
  3. Here choose POP3 in my incoming mail server type.
  4. Incoming mail server: yourdomainname
  5. Outgoing mail server: yourdomainname
  6. Click next and wait as incremail connect to your mail
  7. Finish the configuration and there you go.

How to Configure Thunderbird Application with Your Webmail.

Thunderbird is a mail application like many applications e.g. MS outlook and you can configure it to be your default mail application.

Here are simple steps to setting up Mozilla thunderbird.

  1. Download the application from the website.
  2. Double click the downloaded application to install it.
  3. Once the installation is done, launch the application to start
  4. Once the application starts, it will prompt you to setup an account or continue with the existing account.
  5. If not prompted, click FILE and add an account to start the setup wizard.
  6. The first window will ask if you want to import from an existing account; select don’t import and click next.
  7. The new account window comes, select EMAIL ACCOUNT and click next.
  8. Fill the following information in the next window.

Your name: enter your preferred name

Your email address: the email address you are configuring eg yourname@yourdomain.

  1. On the server information, enter the following information and click next.

Select IMAP.

Incoming mail server: mail.yourdomainname(this is very specific)

Outgoing mail server:mail.yourdomainname(very specific also)

Nb: the incoming and outgoing mail servers bare the same name. e.g.s mail.ryanada.com; where ryanada is the domainname.

  1. Enter the email address as your username
  2. Account name enter webmail and click next
  3. You’ll get a summary of all your settings
  4. Click finish
  5. Thunderbird will connect to your mail server and it prompt you a password, enter your email password.
  6. Enjoy
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