.KE Domain Registration Requirements

.ke domain registration

A .KE domain registration gives your business name a Kenyan touch. Additionally, at Truehost, this domains are cheaper than other domains. The .KE domains are designed to be used by individuals, businesses, intuitions or organisations that operate within Kenya. To register any .KE domain, go to our homepage and use our domain name search engine to search for the availability of the desired domain. If available, click Add To Cart and follow the steps until you successfully place an order for the domain.

The central registry in charge of managing all .KE domain registrations is Kenic. Kenic was established by the Communication Authority of Kenya so as to manage .KE domain registration in Kenya.

Nonetheless, there are requirements that need to be fulfilled for some .KE domains to be registered. These .KE domain registration requirements apply for .sc.ke, .ac.ke and .go.ke domain names. These extensions are not for all to use and are therefore protected. To successfully register a domain baring this TLDs, you need to forward a supporting document. The following paragraphs explain the relevant supporting documents needed and where to acquire them for each domain:


This is Top Level Domain (TLD) is reserved exclusively for validated governmental institutions and agencies in Kenya. For one to register a domain with this extension, an authorisation letter must be obtained from the Department of Government IT Services(GITS) proving the same. The address and contacts of GITS are as below:

Treasury Building, Harambee Avenue
P.O Box 30007-00100
Tel. +254 20 2252299
Emails: ps@treasury.go.ke, gits@treasury.go.ke


This TLD is used only by institutions of higher learning such as Universities, Tertiary Institutions or Colleges. A certificate of registration from the Ministry in charge of Education must be forwarded for registration of these domains to be completed. Address and contacts of the Ministry of Education are as follows:

State Department of Science and Technology
P.O BOX 9583-00200
Jogoo House B,Harambee Avenue
Tel: +254-020-3318581
Fax: +254-020-251991


Like the .ac.ke TLD, this is used for educational institutions – but mainly the lower level institutions i.e secondary schools, primary schools and kindergartens. The domain registration is completed once the registrant provides a copy of the certificate of registration from the Ministry of Education, whose address and contacts are:

State Department of Education
P.O Box 30040-00100
Nairobi, Kenya
Jogoo House B, Harambee Avenue
Tel: +254-020-3318581
Fax: +254-020-20214287

Kenic domain registrars

Kenic domain registrars

Kenic stands for Kenya Network Information Centre. This is a government sponsored organization that operates under CA, Communication Authority – the Kenyan government body in charge of regulation of telecommunication entities and their operations.

CA through Kenic licenses and regulates .KE domain registrars in Kenya. Kenic operates .KE registry. .KE is country level TLD for Kenya.

.KE registry supports 8 domain extensions including

  1. .co.ke for commercial entities operating in Kenya
  2. .or.ke for non-profit organization operating in Kenya
  3. .ne.ke for network entities operating in Kenya
  4. .me.ke for personal blogs operating in Kenya
  5. .info.ke for information and news related services operating in kenya
  6. .go.ke for government bodies in Kenya
  7. .ac.ke for institutions of higher learning operating in Kenya
  8. .sc.ke for primary and secondary schools operating in kenya

All the over 100 domain registrars are equipped with technology to register any of the extension on behalf an end user.

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