Most Reliable domain registration in Kenya, Nigeria, India

Most Reliable domain registration in Kenya, Nigeria, India
Domain name are unique name with a specified extension that uniquely identifies an entity. A domain name usually points to an ip address. An ip address can be used as a pointer for web server, email server, database server, and application server.
Domain name extensions are sold by registry. The largest registry sells .com extension. All registries are regulated by ICANN internationally.
ICANN also regulates country based registries that manage county level TLD. Country Level TLD include KENIC – A Kenya registry that manages 8 domain extension on the .KE domain extension in KENYA. – commercial entities in Kenya – network entities in Kenya non for profit organization in Kenya – personal blogging extension in Kenya – domain extension for information based websites in Kenya. – domain extension for government entities in Kenya – domain extension for higher learning in Kenya – domain extension for lower and middle school in Kenya
NIRA is the Nigerian registry that manages .NG extension in Nigeria. There 8 extensions managed by NIRA
Registry does not sell domain extensions to customers directly instead they register domain registrars. Such resellers include, hostgator, Godaddy, Truehost Cloud, Kenya Web, Whoghost, and Namesilo.
Reliable domain registration is only provided by reliable domain registrars. Domain registrar also provides tools and resources such as API to other entities to resell the domain names – domain of resellers.
Reliable domain registration in Kenya and Nigeria are provided by Truehost Cloud a company accredited by KENIC and NIRA. A company equipped with technology to allow easy domain registration, DNS management, Domain and Email forwarding.
Register your domain today at Truehost Cloud, in Kenya, Nigeria, and India.

How to get a domain in Kenya

How to get a domain domain is central to any business operating in Kenya. domain is not only a mark of brand Kenya but it is also emerging as a mark of quality and credibility.

Initiative by the stakeholders including KeNIC that simplified the process of getting a It’s now simpler to get a dot domain than it was a while back. There are more than 30 domain registrars whom clients can order and secure dot co dot ke domain from.

For the purposes of this report two domain registrars will be considered. At Truehost Kenya, getting a domain involves doing a domain search on the readily available domain search bar.

When the site returns positive result of domain availability, the customer is allowed to add to cart then check out via Mpesa or Paypal at a price not more than KES 900.

Domain registration is automated and therefore domain acquisition is instant.

At CloudPap, another domain registrar with target clientele in ( Nairobi) Kenya, (Kampala) Uganda, (Accra) Ghana, (Lagos) Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, (US) United States of America, Mexico, (Britain)UK, France, Ireland, Canada, India, Japan, Singapore,  Australia,  New Zealand, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan, Iran, Russia, Argentina  and Brazil, domain registration is equally simplified.

After a successful domain search, clients are allowed to add their domain to cart; prices on CloudPap are in dollars by default. Checkout options include MPESA, Paypal and Cards. The price of at Cloudpap doesn’t exceed   $9.99. Domain registration and acquisition is automated and therefore instant upon making the payment to the domain name invoice


Domain registration in Kenya.

Domain registration in Kenya.
A domain name is very important to any company since it commands online presence of a company.
To register a domain name in Kenya is very simple and every company requiring online presence can registers their domain names.
The initial stage is to come up with a domain name e.g.,,, etc. depending with the nature of your company.
After choosing your domain name, submit the domain name registration request to the registrar with the details like desired domain name contact name, email addresses and payment information. Once you have submitted this information the registrar will initiate the domain name registration process. This information is then sent to the registry which add the domain name to the master server and it notifies all other servers in the internet where your website is stored.
The charges of registering a domain in Kenya varies with different registrar and therefore there are some of the factors to consider when registering your domain and choosing the registrar
• Price
The price you pay for your domain can vary greatly between registrars. When comparing prices, take into account the other services included by the registrar, their customer support, testimonies, etc.
• Certification
Your chosen registrar should be ICANN accredited. ICANN maintains a list of accredited domain registrars. If the domain you have chosen is a reseller of an accredited registrar, they should let you know which registrar they represent.
• Terms
Take the time to read and understand your domain registration terms. Pay attention to ownership clause and other terms of condition.
• Time
Do not register your domain for more than one year in the beginning. That give you time to evaluation your registrar before further commitment, as well, allowing you time to evaluate your domain name in case you wish to use a different domain name.
• Delay
A domain name registration generally takes no more than 48 hours.
• Transfer Policy
You should be able to transfer your domain to another registrar without any restriction other than those enforced by ICANN. Check the registrar for other restrictions and curbs.
• Customer Support
Check if phone, chat or email support is available.
• Management
Does the registrar provide a domain name management panel for you to manage your own domain name? Or do all changes have to go through them?

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