We ensure that your website is secured from hacking, free from illegal use such as money laundry, safe from all cyber security related crimes. Secure web hosting means:

  • Website availability on the internet
  • Ability to pass information to your website users without other intrusions
  • Easy  access to your website all the time
  • Personalized control over your website content

Truehost makes this possible by
(1) Providing you with best hosting services thus gives you a secure hosting space
(2) Registering your domain name with the accredited registrar thus, your domain is well recognized
(3)Selling the SSL Certificate and installing it

Best web hosting companies ensure safety for their web hosting service users. They place measures to prevent unauthorized access of websites hosted by them.

They maximize uptime to 100% by ensuring no interruptions occur on websites hosted.

A secure website will draw its users with confidence that whatever information provided is true and is not subject to change without notice. Secure E-commerce websites makes more money since online buyers confidently transact and acquire goods or services on display.

Why a secure website is needed:

  • To manage the website traffic that ranks your website as the best,
  • To maximize accessibility by internet users
  • To improve the freedom of data integrity through personalized evaluation of content
  • To escape the damage of your website
  • To avoid unnecessary redirect to other websites
  • To build trustworthiness with your website visitors
  • To attain the goal for developing your website

Truehost Kenya believes that secure web hosting is possible. We advocate for measures that ensure complete security and personal control over your website. Choose Truehost web hosting services to secure all your websites.

Best web hosting and domain registration

There are several factors to consider when choosing or setting up a functioning website. Every developer or webmaster is always looking for the best web hosting and domain registration service provider that will meet their web hosting needs. If you are looking for the best web hosting and domain registration service, here are several factors you should consider:

  • Best domain name: You need to find a good domain name that is easy to remember, descriptive of your business, and one that will not easily be confused with another one. Think of several combinations and settle on the one that is best. You might find the common domains already taken, so be flexible and have several options. You can check if a domain is available using TrueHost Kenya’s domain checker tool HERE.
  • Once you find the domain, buy it as soon as possible. Unless you have paid for it, someone might claim it before you do. Paying for a domain is now very easy. TrueHost Kenya offers you the best domain registration service you can pay via MPESA, Paypal, or any other means. Once you have the domain, think about hosting.
  • The best hosting service is dependent on a number of factors, but mostly on your needs. A good hosting package for A might not mean it is good for B. Also, having the most expensive web hosting package would not be useful if it is not optimally used.
  • To get the best web hosting service, determine what you need in terms of storage space, maximum amount of data you would expect to transfer, and the speed with which you want the website to be accessed (bandwidth). These will help you choose the most convenient package. TrueHost Kenya offers a number of different hosting packages that will guarantee you a reliable service. Of you have a busy website where you need to keep transferring a lot of media, you need an unlimited.

Once you have selected a package, make a payment and get online! Click on the link below to get the best web hosting and domain registration services from TrueHost Kenya.

Best web hosting and domain registration

Best web hosting and domain registration

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