Kenic domain registrars

Kenic domain registrars

Kenic stands for Kenya Network Information Centre. This is a government sponsored organization that operates under CA, Communication Authority – the Kenyan government body in charge of regulation of telecommunication entities and their operations.

CA through Kenic licenses and regulates .KE domain registrars in Kenya. Kenic operates .KE registry. .KE is country level TLD for Kenya.

.KE registry supports 8 domain extensions including

  1. for commercial entities operating in Kenya
  2. for non-profit organization operating in Kenya
  3. for network entities operating in Kenya
  4. for personal blogs operating in Kenya
  5. for information and news related services operating in kenya
  6. for government bodies in Kenya
  7. for institutions of higher learning operating in Kenya
  8. for primary and secondary schools operating in kenya

All the over 100 domain registrars are equipped with technology to register any of the extension on behalf an end user.

Top domain registrars in Kenya are also registrars of non-Kenya domain extensions. Such as .com, .net, .biz, .org, .info, .me, among others.

Top domain registrars in include Truehost Cloud, Kenya Web Experts, Sasahost, Eac Directory, Safaricom Webhost Kenya among others. Most top domain name registrar provides other domain name related services such as web hosting, email hosting, dedicated servers, Virtual Private Servers, private email servers, web design and development among others.

Truehost Cloud does not only provide the best domain registrar services but also reliable email and web hosting, quality cloud servers, VPS in Kenya and dedicated servers located in different locations all over the world such as Nairobi, Johannesburg, Gravelines, Toronto, Phoenix, Rio de Janeiro, Cairo,

Experience Free Domain Registration In Kenya

Truehost Kenya performs domain registration and transfer for Kenyan, East Africa and international domains. These includes:

  • Registration or transfer of Kenyan domains marked by dot ke (like,, ,,,
  • Registration or transfer of East Africa domains such as,,
  • Registration or transfer of international domains such as .com,.net,.mobi, .co

There are packages that allow for free domain registration such as SME Litebox and SME Valuebox that caters for all customized emails. These packages allow users to create their desired email accounts for corporate, professional and personal use.

Truehost Kenya ensures your domain is under world recognized registrar for validity and acceptability.

Free domain registration is usually attached to certain services as explained by different web hosting companies. For how long is it this domain free? True it remains free as long as you have the attached service that has an offer.

Have you ever wondered why domain registration is important? Domain registration is entitlement to use the name for your gain, a way to deny others the right to use your name for their gain.

The reason why you need it registered under your name is to ensure you have that right reserved to use it for your communication, references and advertisements.

A land owner has a title deed for ownership, while a domain owner has registrar information as sign of ownership. Be advised to have your own domain registered under you.

The domain registration at Truehost  is cheap and there are offers  available during  certain seasons of the year.

Keep informed of these free domain registration offer by visiting

Starting your own IT Business in Kenya in 9 steps

Starting your own IT Business in Kenya in 9 steps

  1. Register a business name at Huduma Kenya or Sheria House. It should cost less that Ksh. 2,000 in total.

Caution: Realize it’s a business name and not limited company, many people don’t realize the significance of managing the little seed capital that you may be having. Why spend 20k on registration, if you can spend it in a productive undertaking like a web design and hosting.

  1. Armed with a Certificate of business registration, apply for KRA PIN Number.
  2. Secure a business payment channel, MPESA Till Number is perfect.

NB: Receipts and invoices for now you can generate them online for free using services like Waves App or CloudPap.

By now you have the services you want to offer. Assuming you will be offering the simplest service offering out there Web Hosting, Email Hosting, Email Marketing and Internet Marketing.

  1. Arm yourself with a business phone line that you will need to be on quick of your target market.
  2. Design or hire a web design firm to like Truehost Kenya or Kenya Web Experts to design for you a decent website.

  Simple Website on Joomla, WordPress, Drupal or HTML5 +PHP will serve the purpose.

Kenya Web Experts specializes in Joomla Websites. Try Truehost Kenya for WordPress, Drupal, PHP and even Joomla. Don’t forget to ask for a live chat module on you site, it works magic.

A simple website must be able to tell it all at a glance.

  1. You may start of at home, or secure a work station in CBD for 10k a month or so, secure a modest office in town if it’s within your means. Consider your customer while settling for a location – who is your target market for the domain and hosting services.

Kenya Web Experts and Truehost Kenya knows their market for Web hosting, domain registration, web design, internet marketing and thus their office locations.

  1. Tell friends and family, the public of your new venture – literally everyone you speak with.
  2. Serve your first client with all your heart – he or she will get you 10 or more clients.
  3. With full commitment and passion this marks the birth of a multinational empire.

This is not a methodology but it has worked for several ventures out there especially Web and Internet Companies.

Good luck.



Making Money online through Web Hosting in Kenya

Making Money online through Web Hosting in Kenya

Making Money online and receiving money from online ventures has been demystified in the recent years. Five year ago, that is around 2010 making money or running a purely internet company was a mystery. During the time, colleagues at the university thought those who claim to make money online were drug peddlers who were concealing their actual sources of revenue.

This article will try to demonstrate the ease of making money online from Kenyans (for now).Check for another article on making money online from foreign clients.

Making money online in Kenya; start a web company in 6 or 7 steps.

Web Company is company whose mission is to serve the web need of her clients. Some of the main services of such companies include web design and development, web hosting, email hosting, Google apps reselling, online marketing among others.

Some of web companies that have grown to huge corporations in the last five years include: Truehost Kenya, Kenya Web Experts, Kenya Web, Mambo Microsystems, Ryanada Ltd and Sasahost among others.

This articles will draw examples from Truehost Kenya and Kenya Web Experts; (the author has somehow been involved in the growth of these companies)

  1. Registering a business name may be the most ideal starting point (other guide will advise on registering a limited company, don’t waste your limited seed capital on these).
  2. Obtain a payment platform;   you may go for MPESA Till number that did not exist in the yester years. Obtain it will be one of the best free resource as your start out.
  3. Come up with a simple website, may be 5 pages (Home, Services, Portfolio, Pricing Contact) or Have a Top Web Design firm design it for you, may be Truehost Kenya or Kenya Web Experts.
  4. Purchase a simple reseller package. Reseller package allows you to pay a small fee every month or annually for a space that you can host multiple domain on. Simple reseller packages could hold around 30 or so domains.

Truehost Kenya Reseller package goes for Ksh. 2,000 per month or Ksh. 20, 000 per year (4k discount). Kenya Web Expert’s goes for Ksh. 1500 or Ksh. 18000 per year. Both companies allow you to host up to 45 domains.

Quick math, host the 45 domains as per your package @ market price of 2000 for domain and hosting you get Ksh. 90,000 this could be in weeks, a month or a year depending on how committed you are. Then upgrade to the next reseller hosting package.

  1. With enough skills or resources, you may consider integrating the Till number to your domain and hosting ordering service (WHMCS) as provided by your reseller company. Truehost offers you free licensed WHMCS.
  2. Project your figures to see how much you can make, a lot of companies including but not limited to Truehost Kenya and Kenya Web Experts are making more than 45 domains in a week.

If you make that or on the down side you manage 45 domains per month, you become a millionaire in terms of revenue…yes that easy.

Others have made it why not you, you are equally capable, take a phone and call Truehost Kenya or Kenya Web Experts and the rest is history as the say.


Oh yes…almost forgot – marketing.

  1. Marketing is not a department or activity anymore, any internet company of this era has to be growth hacked. Growth hack your business, (find an article on growth hacking in this blog or elsewhere) growth hacking could be as simple as putting a poster showing how an individual can make money by referring a customer to your ‘firm’.  At Truehost Kenya, CloudPap and Esacco people and companies earn up to 18 % in sales commission by just referring.

Get started or else…


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