Cheap Webhosting services in Kenya

Cheap Webhosting services in Kenya

Cheap webhosting services are attractive to buyers. Many unsuspecting buyers end up buying from unscrupulous web hosting companies under the marque of cheap web hosting service. As a result cheap has been associated with poor quality over a long time.

Truehost Kenya is a top web hosting service provider offering cheap and quality webhosting services.

How to check quality in a cheap web hosting service

Quality of support

Support quality should not be overlooked; a service is as good as the support package that accompanies it. Make sure your top web hosting service provider guarantees quality support for the package of your choice.

Adequate disk space and bandwidth.

Adequate storage space for your files is important, inadequate space lead to slow site speeds, failure in services like data capture and mailing functions. Always ensure your web hosting package has free space that can store your mails and any other incoming data. Check out the 5GB Truehost Silver package as a good start point.

Bandwidth is the total allowed transfer in a month. A quality host package should have enough bandwidth; depletion of bandwidth renders the website inaccessible.

Total cost of ownership

A web hosting service should only be qualified as cheap if and only if it has the lowest total cost of ownership. Total cost of ownership refer to the total amounts that have to be incurred to have the web host service running for a given period may be 3-5 years.

Server speed and Response time

Server speed and server response time refer to the quality of a webserver. These directly affect the website speed of any website hosted on that server.

Always ensure the server speed is acceptable, hosting in an overloaded server results in poor site speed for your website.

Server response time can be tested by a ping to the server using cmd or web services like

Acceptable server  response time is 500ms and below. All servers at Truehost Kenya maintain a response time of less than 400ms.

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